Riverstone Terraces

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Riverstone Terraces
Coordinates: 41°06′47″S 175°02′24″E / 41.113°S 175.040°E / -41.113; 175.040Coordinates: 41°06′47″S 175°02′24″E / 41.113°S 175.040°E / -41.113; 175.040
CountryNew Zealand
IslandNorth Island
CityUpper Hutt
 • Total1,383

Riverstone Terraces (commonly referred to as simply 'Riverstone') is a suburb of Upper Hutt in the Hutt Valley of New Zealand's North Island, perched on a hill previously known as Craig's Flat,[1] above the Hutt River.[2][3]

Although mostly residential, the suburb also contains a bush walk, a children's playground, and a small convenience store - the nearest supermarket is in central Upper Hutt, 4.9 - 8.1km away (depending on where you are in the suburb). The suburb's streets are named after notable Upper Hutt residents, including Frankie Stevens, James Nairn, and Paul Swain.