Riverstone pebble tile

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Riverstone tile
Riverstone sample block

Riverstone pebble tile is a composite material made up of marble pebbles or pieces of natural stone in different sizes, bound together with a transparent white or coloured resin.


The material is made by adding resin to marble or stone pebbles laid down on a moulding. One side is polished and the other side is cut. As a result, the polished side becomes slightly undulating, where the resin is lower than the pebbles that come to the surface. This characteristic makes Riverstone an aesthetically pleasant floor and wall covering and substantially improves its functionality and resistance to abrasion.

The surface of the stones is free of paints or resins and it is treated with a waxy water-repellent that protects the material from stains.


Riverstone has technical characteristics similar to those of marble and should be treated like marble when cutting, drilling or polishing it. It can be purchased as slabs or tiles in various sizes and colours.


Natural stones absorb very little liquid and the resin is virtually impervious to liquids therefore Riverstone is suitable for any kind of wall and floor covering (including heated flooring) as well as kitchen worktops, vanity tops, bar fronts and tops. Riverstone is translucent and can be backlit