Riverview Cemetery (Trenton, New Jersey)

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Riverview Cemetery
Riverview Cemetery (Trenton, New Jersey) is located in the United States
Riverview Cemetery (Trenton, New Jersey)
Location of Riverview Cemetery
Riverview Cemetery (Trenton, New Jersey) is located in New Jersey
Riverview Cemetery (Trenton, New Jersey)
Riverview Cemetery (Trenton, New Jersey) (New Jersey)
Riverview Cemetery (Trenton, New Jersey) is located in Mercer County, New Jersey
Riverview Cemetery (Trenton, New Jersey)
Riverview Cemetery (Trenton, New Jersey) (Mercer County, New Jersey)
CountryUnited States
Coordinates40°11′42″N 74°45′14″W / 40.195°N 74.754°W / 40.195; -74.754Coordinates: 40°11′42″N 74°45′14″W / 40.195°N 74.754°W / 40.195; -74.754
Owned byCity of Trenton
No. of gravesup to 70,000[1]

Riverview Cemetery is a cemetery in the eastern United States, located in Trenton, New Jersey. A number of notables are interred there, including Civil War Union Army Major General and New Jersey Governor George B. McClellan, whose grave is marked by the tallest monument in the cemetery. His wife, Mary Ellen Marcy McClellan, is interred with him.


Riverview Cemetery dates back to a Quaker graveyard used in the 1670s overlooking the Delaware River.[2] The cemetery was established in 1699, and was incorporated in 1858 by an act passed by the New Jersey Legislature.[3][4] It still serves the community today as an active cemetery, with an office and full-time staff. It was expanded and formally landscaped in the 19th century, becoming the burial site of many prominent Trentonians of the era.[5]

The cemetery was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2017.

Notable interments[edit]

Other notables interred in Riverview are:

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