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The Riverview Gold Cup is a Rowing Regatta for high school students, held annually by Saint Ignatius' College at Riverview, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Founded by Father Joseph Dalton, S.J., the founding Rector of Saint Ignatius' College, it is one of the oldest rowing events in Australia and the oldest New South Wales schoolboy regatta.[1] It is held annually, typically in March, on Sydney's Lane Cove River against schoolboy and schoolgirl crews, with the inclusion of club boats in Men's Open VIII.


The "Riverview Rowing Club" was founded late in 1882 under the guiding hand of Father Thomas Gartlan, S.J. The Rowing Club held its first regatta on Sunday 20 June 1885. It was recorded in many of the daily newspapers of the time and hailed as "the first College Regatta in the Colony"

In the 1890 Regatta, a race was instituted called "The Lane Cove Challenge Eights", which grew into the "Riverview Gold Cup Regatta", from which comes the name of the modern day Regatta. In 1892, the Regatta Committee invited the residents of Lane Cove, and others interested in rowing to subscribe to a fund to acquire a suitable Gold Cup, as a trophy for this race. The result is the Riverview Gold Cup, as we have it today. In 1893, the St. Ignatius' Regatta, featured its valuable Gold Cup for the first time. In this year, nine crews fought out the maiden fours, with North Shore winning by two lengths from Sydney, Glebe third, and East Sydney and Mercantile behind. The regatta itself was said to be a great success: "such cheering and enthusiasm has seldom, if ever before, been noticed at an amateur meeting."[2] The winners were also each awarded gold medals and later gold oars, as individual trophies for this event. At the time of its inception, the Gold Cup was looked upon as an outstanding trophy for rowing.

A second regatta was held in November of that year to honour Catholic Bishops, assembled in Sydney for the first Plenary Council. The programme provided for six events, mainly of College crews and their supporters. From this modest beginning, the Annual Riverview Regatta has grown into eighty events today with one thousand competitors and ten thousand spectators through the day.

The Gold Cup[edit]

The Gold Cup, c.1893

The Gold Cup Trophy took about three months to complete and was put on show in April 1893. At the time it was said to be the only gold cup for rowing in the world. According to The Town & Country Journal (1 May 1893), apart from its intrinsic value (29 oz. of gold), it was one of the finest specimen of anything of its kind yet manufactured in Australia.

The Cup features the characteristic flora and fauna of Australia. The handles of the trophy come out of the upper portion of the body of the kangaroo, while the garlands and wreaths that ornament it are the leaves and flowers of the waratah. The front of the trophy is engraved with eight-oared boats, in full swing. The figure of an oarsman holding the College flag surmounts the lid.

Regatta winners (1998-2010)[edit]

Men's Open VIII for the Riverview Gold Cup

Year 1st 2nd 3rd
1999 Sydney Drummoyne/Mosman USYD/Drummoyne
2000 Drummoyne Sydney USYD
2001 King's Grammar Sydney
2002 UTS St Ignatius' Drummoyne
2003 USYD/Drummoyne St Ignatius' Shore
2004 Shore USYD Drummoyne
2005 USYD King's Sydney Boys High
2006 USYD/Mosman/UTS Shore Grammar
2007 USYD King's Shore
2008[3] Sydney RC Shore St Joseph's
2009 USYD Shore St Joseph's

Schoolgirl VIII for the Centenary Cup

Year 1st 2nd 3rd
1999 Pymble Loreto Normanhurst Wenona
2000 Pymble MLC Redlands
2001 Pymble Loreto Normanhurst Ascham
2002 Pymble Loreto Normanhurst Sydney Girls
2003 Pymble Loreto Kirribilli Loreto Normanhurst
2004 Pymble Loreto Kirribilli MLC
2005 Pymble Roseville Ascham
2006 Pymble Queenwood Roseville
2007 Pymble Roseville Loreto Normanhurst
2008[3] Pymble Queenwood Loreto Kirribilli
2009 Pymble Loreto Kirribilli Loreto Normanhurst

Schoolboy 1st IV for the Sydney University Cup

Year 1st 2nd 3rd
1999 Redlands Shore Cranbrook
2000 King's Shore Grammar
2001 St Ignatius' King's Newington
2002 King's Grammar St Ignatius'
2003 King's St Ignatius' Redlands
2004 Shore St Ignatius' St Joseph's
2005 Shore St Ignatius' King's
2006 King's St Joseph's Redlands
2007 Shore Redlands Newington
2008[3] Shore St Ignatius' King's
2009 Shore Redlands St Ignatius'
2010 King's Scots St Ignatius'
2011 King's Scots Saint Augustine's College, St Augustine's
2012 King's St Ignatius' Joey's

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Media attention[edit]

A video of the St Ignatius 1st VIII crashing into a wooden pole in the last stretch of the race circulated on the internet. It shows the umpire yelling for St Ignatius to "Check their course" and "Stop Rowing", concluding with the boat hitting the pylon and six seat being thrown out.

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