Rivière des Remparts

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Rivière des Remparts
Reunion RiviereDesRemparts 01.JPG
Rivière des Remparts valley upstream of Roche-Plate
Country France
Basin features
River mouth Indian Ocean
Rivière des Remparts

The Rivière des Remparts is a river on the Indian Ocean island of Réunion. It flows south from the slopes of the Piton des Songes, in a deep caldera along the Piton de la Fournaise, reaching the sea at the town of Saint-Joseph. It forms part of the Rivière des Remparts – Rivière Langevin Important Bird Area.[1]


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Panoramic view of the Rivière des remparts

Coordinates: 21°23′8″S 55°37′7″E / 21.38556°S 55.61861°E / -21.38556; 55.61861