Riviera Theatre

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Riviera Theatre
The Riv
Riviera Theater Chicago.jpg
Address 4746 N. Racine Ave.
Location Chicago, Illinois
Owner Jam Productions
Type concert venue
Capacity 2,500
Built 1917

Riviera Theatre is a concert venue located on the north side of Chicago, Illinois. The Riviera Theatre is capable of seating approximately 2,500 audience members.

Built in 1917, it was designed by Rapp and Rapp for the Balaban & Katz theatre chain run by A. J. Balaban, his brother Barney Balaban and their partner and brother-in-law, Sam Katz.[1] It is an example of French Renaissance Revival architecture.[2] It later became a private nightclub in 1986. The theatre is located in the Uptown section of the city, at the intersection of Lawrence, Broadway and Racine. The area has several notable theaters, including the Aragon Ballroom, which is only 0.2 miles away. Since 2006 it has been owned by Chicago-based Jam Productions (itself owned by Jerry Mickelson and Arny Granat), which claims to be the "largest independent producer of live entertainment in the United States".[3][4][5]

In October 2015 in a labor dispute, Jam Productions fired the stagehands of the Riviera Theater.[6]

As of 2017, the Riviera Theater continues to serve as a venue for many popular acts, both local and national.[7]



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