Riviera del Brenta

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Riviera del Brenta is the coastline of the Naviglio del Brenta (Brenta River) which runs from Padua and through the Veneto countryside, through Stra, Fiesso d'Artico, Dolo, Mira, Oriago and Malcontenta to Fusina (which is part of the comune of Venice), in the North-east of Italy.

From 16th to 18th century many Venetian aristocratic families built their beautiful villas here (like Villa Pisani, placed in the little of Stra, Villa Ferretti-Angeli in Dolo, Villa Widmann-Foscari in Mira and Villa Foscari, also called "La Malcontenta" in Malcontenta). It is navigable by river boats, whose best example is the famous Burchiello, which used to carry Venetian noblemen from Venice to the countryside and is now a tourist attraction.

Coordinates: 45°24′46″N 12°03′09″E / 45.41278°N 12.05250°E / 45.41278; 12.05250