Rivington services

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Rivington services
Bolton West Motorway Services - geograph.org.uk - 671634.jpg
Rivington services when they were operated by First Motorway Services under the name 'Bolton West'
Rivington services is located in Lancashire
Rivington services
Rivington services (Lancashire)
County: Lancashire
Road: M61
Coordinates: 53°36′02″N 2°34′23″W / 53.600546°N 2.572970°W / 53.600546; -2.572970Coordinates: 53°36′02″N 2°34′23″W / 53.600546°N 2.572970°W / 53.600546; -2.572970
Operator: Euro Garages
Previous operator(s): Kenning Motor Group, Rank, Pavilion (formerly Granada) and First Motorway Services
Previous name(s): Anderton services; Rivington services; Bolton West services
Date opened: 1971
Website: www.eurogarages.com

Rivington services is a motorway service area in Anderton, Lancashire, England. The service station is situated between Junctions 6 and 8 of the M61 (there is no Junction 7).


The services were first built in 1971, under the original name of Anderton Services; however, they were later renamed Rivington services, and Bolton West services. In June 2011, they retook the name Rivington services after being acquired by Euro Garages from First.[1] It has changed hands a number of times, having been owned by the Kenning Motor Group, Rank, Pavilion, Granada, and BP, who leased it to First Motorway Services.[1]

In the summer of 2009, the service area was acquired by Blackburn based Euro Garages.[1] After years of criticism, which was dubbed as the worst service station in the country,[2] plans are on the way to demolish the existing buildings and replaced by a smaller main building, petrol station and other facilities and amenities.[3]

These new facilities were phased in, and includes the forementioned retaking of the name Rivington Services. It is thought that the name was changed in order, to remove the connection with the former First owned services.[4]


When known as Bolton West the services were used in the filming of The Services, a pilot episode for comedian Peter Kay series That Peter Kay Thing, a spoof documentary of a day in the life of motorway service area staff.[5]

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