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Rivmixx was an independent music-focused social network and magazine website. The site was founded by music industry stalwarts Danny Mac (MD) and Steve Travell (Creative Director) and following a short beta period, the site went live in January 2009.[1] As of 6 September 2010 the site was offline, with no date given for its return.

Social Network[edit]

Rivmixx aimed to combine the experience of a social network and the associated customizable newsfeeds with the editorial content of a magazine. The site had five types of user groups: Fans, Artists, DJs, Labels and Venues. Artists, DJs, Labels and Venues sign-up under their corresponding categories and any updates they make are fed through to their respective Fans through a 'MyMixx' page. This enabled Fans to tailor their news so that they only receive updates from their chosen Artists.[2] Industry users can network freely with each other and deliver specified content to their fans.[3]


Rivmixx had its own full-time editorial team – supplemented by a pool of freelancers – that generated daily news headlines, album reviews and features, as well as highlighting up and coming bands in the 'Rivmixx Rated' section and reviewing new music production tools in the 'Tech Reviews' section. Over the 2009 festival season the team also generated several in-depth 'Special Features' on events such as Glastonbury Festival, Glade Festival, Wireless Festival and the Mercury Music Prize.

In addition, Rivmixx supplemented its own editorial content by syndicating selected stories from news services such as CMU (Complete Music Update) and Bang Showbiz. After September 2009 the site appeared to have become less reliant on such content.


In November 2009 Rivmixx underwent a small revamp, incorporating a range of new features. These included a second navigation bar dedicated to editorial content and a 'Genre Feeds' section, which aggregated relevant RSS content and organises it according to genre. The revamp also saw the introduction of integrated Spotify and We7 links within the editorial content and the “unlocking” of the Artist, DJ, Label and Venue profiles, which were previously only accessible my registered users.


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