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Rixe is a German bicycle, moped, and small motorcycle factory in Brake of Bielefeld.

Rixe 50 3 gear with a Fichtel & Sachs engine
A 1953 Rixe 175

The company was founded in 1922. Since the 1950s, most engines built Rixe the Fichtel & Sachs works with displacements of 47 cc and 98 cc, who were known for their durability and reliability. Also motorcycles were produced at the time of the motorcycle boom in the 1950s, there were engines of companies Sachs and ILO installed. The most powerful version was equipped with a 250 cc ILO 2-cylinder engine with 18 PS. In addition, mopeds (Rixe Derby d) and light motorcycles with 80 cc were produced, but were only sold only in small numbers. Rixe did build many mopeds and scooters, which initially looked more like bicycles with a motor was installed. Even today there are many Rixe- mopeds in use.[1][2]

The traditional history of the company ended in 1984 when the plants were closed and relocated to the People's Republic of China. The brand is now part bicycle manufacturer Derby Cycle Werke where it is used as a mark for the ZEG/CPD co-op.[3]


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