Rizal Memorial Coliseum

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Rizal Memorial Coliseum
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Former names Rizal Memorial Tennis Stadium
Location Manila, Philippines
Owner City Government of Manila
Operator Philippine Sports Commission
Opened 1934
Architect Juan Arellano
Philippines women's national basketball team
MICAA (1938–1981)
UAAP (1938–2002)
NCAA (1938–1998, 2000–2004, 2006)
PBA (1975–1977, 1980, 1982)

The Rizal Memorial Coliseum is one of two indoor sporting arenas located inside the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex in Manila, Philippines, the other being the Ninoy Aquino Stadium. The capacity of the coliseum is 8,000.[citation needed]

The Art Deco building within the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex was designed by Juan Arellano and was built in 1934.[1]

The Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) unveiled plans for the conversion of the Rizal Memorial Coliseum into a Philippine Sports Museum and the Asian Games Museum which houses the memorabililia of Philippine and Asian sports icons and hall of famers. The current location of the PSM is located at the 2nd floor of the PSC building inside the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex. There was a plan to demolish the site before the PSC's announcement.[2]

In November 22 2016, Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada announced that the city government is making a partnership with businessman Ricky Razon to convert the facility into a commercial center which will include a mall and cinemas.[3] The plan was criticized by the Heritage Conservation Society questioning if Manila needs another shopping mall. The National Commission for Culture and the Arts also stated that the city government of Estrada never consulted the agency regarding their plans on the sports venue in particular despite promising to cooperate with the government body on cultural conservation in a meeting initiated by the Manila government on May 2016.[1]

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Coordinates: 14°33′43″N 120°59′38″E / 14.56194°N 120.99389°E / 14.56194; 120.99389