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Genres Alternative rock, nu metal,[1][2] rapcore, punk rock
Years active 1997–present
Labels Epic Records Japan, Tensaibaka, Far Eastern Tribe, Warner
Associated acts Yamaarashi, Zeebra, E.D.O., Def Tech
Website triberize.net
Members Jesse McFaddin
Kaneko Nobuaki
Past members Tokie
Nakao Yoshihiro

Rize (stylized as RIZE) was formed in 1997, debuting in 2000 and currently signed with Warner Music Japan. Current members are: Jesse/V&G, Kenken/V&B,& N.K/Dr. Rize music style is a mix of nu metal, alternative rock, punk rock, hard rock and even some reggae flavor. "ZERO" from CD album "Experience" has been featured on Coca-Cola TVCM in Japan and Asian countries.


Formation & debut[edit]

Rize formed in 1997 with members JESSE, Kaneko Nobuaki and TOKIE. They started performing live concerts in the Shimokitazawa area. In 2000 they performed at the 10th Kitazawa Music Festival and, after having been signed to Epic Records Japan, released their debut single "Kaminari". They followed up their debut in November with the hit single "Why I'm Me", with an album being released the same month. However, original member TOKIE left after the album's release, with u:zo joining as the new bassist and Nakao Yoshihiro coming in for guitar.

2001-2006: First nationwide tour and tour outside Japan[edit]

The following year proved to be a busy one for Rize. In April, JESSE and Kaneko Nobuaki became radio personalities for the program All Night Nippon until September. They also performed again at the Kitazawa Music Festival in July, as well as the Rock in Japan Festival, Arabaki Rock Fest and Summer Sonic '01 in August. The band's collaboration with Zeebra, "I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT MY RADIO", became the theme song for FM Festival. They followed it up with a tour in December called 4City (there were four performances).

In May 2002, Rize appeared on the stage @ MTV Japan event with Oasis, Jay-Z, etc., in September Rize participated in the South Korean field festival 2002Etpfes at the Olympic stadium. The event was the largest field festival in history, with over 30,000 people in attendance. In July 2003 they moved to Los Angeles to tour with Kottonmouth Kings and Phunk Junkeez. In 2005 JESSE formed their own label "Tensaibaka Records". And in July, Rize could successfully perform on the stage of "Live 8" as the opening act, a world-renowned event broadcast in 7 other countries. Their powerful performance was highly praised and left a big impression with the international music community. In November, Bassist u:zo left, KenKen (brother of Kaneko Nobuaki) replacing him. KenKen was made an official member of the band in April 2006. Their first Oricon appearance happened with the release of "Pink Spider" in November 2006, debuting at No. 8.


On the top of the successful performance at "Live 8", in 2007 Rize was proudly invited as only representative rock band from Japan at "Live Earth" appearing on the stage with Linkin Park, etc., an acclaimed charity live founded by producer Kevin Wall, and former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, where again Rize’s outstanding performance brought them international fame. In same year 2007, Rize released their fifth album Alterna and in October released their latest single, "LADY LOVE." Rize released K.O., their sixth full-length album in April 2008. The following month saw the band performing at the hide Memorial Summit, at which they performed their rendition of Pink Spider in tribute. On May 20, the band announced through their official site that Yoshihiro Nakao would be parting ways from Rize, citing creative differences as the main factor in his decision. However, the remaining members were determined to carry on activities as a trio. In June Rize went on their 2008 "T.K.O. Tour" that consisted of 29 shows and in November released a live DVD of the tour "T.K.O.".

In 2010, Jesse paved the road for Rize to release their 7th album Experience. A majority of the tracks from this album were masterminded and produced by Jesse, enabling him to get huge attentions as not only an artist and musician, as a music producer. "Zero," the iconic song of this album, was picked up by Coca-Cola and lead to the collaboration commercial with Hide Nakata / former famous soccer player and Coca-Cola Zero, which is still being aired across a large part of Asia.

In July 2011, Rize released their 10th debut anniversary, band history and live DVD titled PIECE.

In 2012, Rize transferred to Warner Music.[3]

Jesse's solo project[edit]

Jesse’s passion, desire and multi-musical "Gift" forced him to venture away from Rock and start up his Hip-Hop unit E.D.O., a diversity group of rappers and artist made up of some of Jesse’s old high school buddies. E.D.O. has puts out numerous single and their first full album Revolvers was big hit among the Japanese Hip-Hop community. In couple of years, members of E.D.O. have ventured off on their own to start solo projects that have brought much attention to Jesse and his Hip-Hop unit. One project in particular that has received spotlight from underground music critics is Jesse’s own E.D.O solo project THE BONEZ. A mixture of Jesse’s favorite music genres, rock, hip-hop, and electro, THE BONEZ has put out 6 singles, with each having a different music concept from the previous. Through E.D.O, Jesse was also able to express and expand his talents as a film director with his self-produced music video "Revolvers." His camera work, use of colors and fast-edgy scene changes receive much attention from film and video critics.

Another source of recognition that Jesse has received respect for is his role in introducing the Japanese music community to the well-acclaimed duo, Def Tech. With many major labels turning away their heads to the young and fresh pair, in 2001 Jesse decided to take Micro and Shen under his wings and mold them into the multi-platinum artists that they are today. Not only did Jesse create the road to success for Def Tech but he also played a key role as their producer for their first album and helped Def Tech write the hit song "My Way". In 2005, Jesse has launched his own label Tensaibaka Records, where Def Tech, Rize, and E.D.O. have released a majority of their work.

With much under his belt as a successful musician, artist and producer, Jesse has also become one of Japan's leading icon in fashion with his original clothing line S&Co’s and clothing shop Takenaka Sound Shop located in his hometown of Togoshi. S&Co’s has become a popular brand amongst celebrities, with big names such as Ichihara Hayato being one of its many loyal customers and fans. Starting in May 2010, led by Jesse, Bring the Hope Project was established. This project is a form of Jesse’s manifest to spread the message of "Hope" through music and free live performances. The first Bring the Hope Project Live took place on May 4, 2010, in which many artists and fans gathered to commend in a charity-live to raise hope and awareness for our past, present and future.

Goal / motivation[edit]

Their "natural vibe" for world music stage has surely been expanding along their music career, because Jesse & Rize has always been targeting to the glove. And finally, Jesse has just fixed his mind for fully entering into world, due that Rize made 10th anniversary in 2010, heading for next 10 years towards the globe from 2011. But on the top of it, they are highly motivated for trying to become "Interactive Hub" between east and west through "their power of music to activate & encourage Japanese people & world when they faced with Tohoku disaster, navigating Jesse to this decision naturally with his double blood & culture."


In addition to singer/rapper, rock guitarist, he is also proven career as music producer/composer, plus as "Fashion Icon" among youngsters appeared on Sony CM + Vans sponsored their 2009 Live Tour, etc.
  • Kaneko Nobuaki – drums
He is only signature drummer in Japan by Pearl. Chad Smith from R.H.C.P has been evaluating N.K drum performance.
He is 1st ranked, recognized session bass player in various kind of collaborations with famous artists including performing @ Muzikmesse. Also known as professional level of "Gamer" appeared on PSP CM.

Rize Music DNA[edit]

Rize, all 3 members are born and raised with "real, professional" music environments on the backgrounds as all of their fathers were in the legendary 3 pieces band called "Pink Cloud" which played from 1979–1994, making a huge impact in Japanese rock scenes and influenced the modern bands.

The singers of Rize are Jesse McFaddin in English and Sorato Takenaka in Japanese. Takenaka's father is Char, a guitarist who pioneered "a musician’s musician type of genuine rock", while having a prominent music career including collaborations with various types of top ranked artists, such as; Steve Lukather, Stevie Salas, Richie Kotzen, Paul Jackson, Jeff Beck, Micky Moody, Brian Setzer, Jeff Porcaro, and David Paich, etc.

Rize rhythm section, N.K on Dr. and Kenken on Bass who are brothers having legendary female rock vocalist, Mari Kaneko = famously known as "Japanese Janis Joplin" as mother + established rock drummer, Johnny as father, so Rize have been cultivating their own unique "Alternative" rock sounds & presence distinctively different from other rock bands in Japanese rock scene from their start.

Former members[edit]

  • Tokie – bass (1997–2001)
  • U:zo – bass (2001–2005)
  • Nakao Yoshihiro – guitar (2001–2008)



Studio albums[edit]

Title Release date
Rookey 2000
Foreplay 2001
Natural Vibes 2002
Spit & Yell 2005
Alterna 2007
K.O. 2008
Experience 2010
TBA 2017

2017 Album Confirmed Songs[edit]

1. Silver 2. One Shot 3. Party House 4. Lovehate 5. Notorious 6. Local Defense Organization


  • [1998.09.xx] "Project from the East Tokyo"
  • [2000.08.23] "Kaminari"
  • [2000.11.01] "Why I'm Me"
  • [2000.01.24] "Music"
  • [2001.04.25] "Name"
  • [2001.09.05] "Light Your Fire"
  • [2001.11.07] "Dream Catcher"
  • [2002.11.07] "02/One"
  • [2003.01.22] "Vibration" (introducing Def Tech)
  • [2003.02.19] "Gun Shot"
  • [2006.11.22] "Pink Spider"
  • [2007.02.27] "Kami/Heiwa"
  • [2007.10.10] "Lady Love"
  • [2008.03.26] "Live or Die"
  • [2009.10.28] "Zero"
  • [2010.05.19] "Laugh It Out"
  • [2012.10.17] "Local Defense Organization"
  • [2017.01.08] "Silver"

Internet/ Digital Releases[edit]

  • [2007.02.07] "Heiwa"
  • [2007.02.07] "Kami"
  • [2014.10.01] "Lovehate"
  • [2015.07.24] "Party House"
  • [2016.10.26] "One Shot"

Cover Songs[edit]

  • [2001.11.07] "JAMMING" ((Originally by 'Bob Marley'))
  • [2006.11.22] "Pink Spider" ((Originally by 'HIDE'))

B-Side exclusive songs from singles[edit]

  • [1998.09.xx] "Hustler"
  • [1998.09.xx] "Project"
  • [2000.11.01] "Backfire"
  • [2001.04.25] "WARP"
  • [2001.09.05] "Future Child"
  • [2001.11.07] "JAMMING"
  • [2003.02.19] "Tsubasa"
  • [2006.11.22] "Why I'm Me 'The Reason Why I'm Me'"
  • [2007.10.10] "TRIBE RIZE"
  • [2008.03.26] "Break Your Self (feat. Rappagariya)"
  • [2010.03.19] "Humans Pass"
  • [2010.03.19] "ZEN"
  • [2010.03.19] "GOLD RUSH"
  • [2014.10.01] "Notorious"


  • [2002.10.28] "Free Fa;;" (UZUMAKI feat. RIZE)
  • [2003.01.22] "VIBRATION" (introducing Def Tech)
  • [2005.03.24] "I CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT MY RADIO" (ZEEBRA meets RIZE)
  • [2005.06.29] "KONOMAMA" (Def Tech re-introducing RIZE)
  • [2005.07.06] "KONOMAMA-Tensaibaka" [Original Version] (RIZE backing Def Tech)
  • [2007.09.19] "Not Your Boyfriend" (ZEEBRA feat. JESSE from RIZE)
  • [2008.02.06] "Jealousy" (INFINITY16 welcomez JESSE from RIZE)
  • [2008.03.26] "Break Your Self" (feat. Rappagariya)
  • [2008.04.16] "Fire and fight the Edo Hana" (feat. EDO)
  • [2008.05.14] "Kamihikouki" (EDO meets CHAR)
  • [2009.03.04] "Scream" (A.I. feat. JESSE from RIZE)
  • [2009.05.14] "ULTRASUPERSTAR" (Rappagariya feat. JESSE from RIZE)
  • [2009.09.16] "RUSH" (UZUMAKI feat. JESSE from RIZE)
  • [2010.05.19] "Laugh It Out" (feat. Hayato)
  • [2011.04.23] "Brave" (Nycca feat. JESSE from RIZE)
  • [2011.06.29] "Eyes" (ALLY & DIAZ feat. JESSE from RIZE)
  • [2012.02.30] "Bossman" (JESSE from RIZE feat. Dogma)
  • [2012.02.30] "2 Of Us" (JESSE from RIZE feat. Julissa Veloz)
  • [2012.10.27] "Fellowship" (Yamaarashi feat. KJ ((from Dragon Ash)) & ((JESSE from RIZE))
  • [2013.11.13] "Illumination" (Pay money To my Pain feat. JESSE from RIZE)
  • [2014.10.05] "Catch The Dream" (3/4NUMM feat.SORATO((JESSE RIZE))
  • [2014.10.05] "To Make Each Day Count" (3/4NUMM feat.SORATO((JESSE RIZE))
  • [2016.03.26] "Revolution" (Jesse & Nakao [from 'RIZE' with 'The BONEZ' feat. Hiro Fujita])
  • [2016.10.05] "I'm Just Like You" (Char feat. Jesse from RIZE)


  • [2005.02.23] Kakumei (YamaArashi vs. Rize)
  • [2005.03.24] Fuck'n Best
  • [2013.06.26] Fet Best


  • [2001.04.25] Fresh Blend
  • [2002.11.07] Fuck'n Live
  • [2005.03.24] Lost Clips
  • [2007.10.10] Alterna Live
  • [2008.11.05] T.K.O.
  • [2011.07.20] Piece
  • [2016.02.24] PARTY HOUSE

Music videos[edit]

  • "Kaminari"
  • "Why I'm Me""
  • "Music"
  • "Name"
  • "Light Your Fire"
  • "Dream Catcher"
  • "Nihontou"
  • "One"
  • "02"
  • "Vibration" (introducing Def Tech)
  • "Gun Shot"
  • "G・I・C・O・D・E" (Jesse [from 'RIZE' with 'GICODE'])
  • "ALL STAR"
  • "Youth II Youth"
  • "Owtkast"
  • "Stand Up"
  • "Pink Spider"
  • "Blacklist" (Jesse [from 'RIZE' with 'E.D.O.'])
  • "Kami"
  • "Heiwa"
  • "Lady Love"
  • "You Don't Know" (Jesse [from 'RIZE' with 'E.D.O.'])
  • "Revolvers" (Jesse [from 'RIZE' with 'E.D.O.'])
  • "Live or Die"
  • "カミヒコウキ meets Char" (Jesse [from 'RIZE' with 'E.D.O.'])
  • "Zero"
  • "Home Sweet Home" (feat. AI & JAMOSA) (Jesse [from 'RIZE' with 'GICODE'])
  • "Tell Me Why" (Jesse [from 'RIZE' with 'Kaikigesshoku'])
  • "ALLCLEAR" (Jesse [from 'RIZE' with 'Kaikigesshoku'])
  • "Lies & Monkey" (Kaneko [from 'RIZE'])
  • "Orca" (Kaneko [from 'RIZE'])
  • "Laugh It Out" (feat. Yamato)
  • "Muppet"
  • "Local Defense Organization"
  • "Access Violation" (Jesse [from 'RIZE'])
  • "Bossman" (feat. DOGMA) (Jesse [from 'RIZE'])
  • "Thread & Needle" (Jesse & Nakao [from 'RIZE' with 'The BONEZ'])
  • "Place of Fire" (Jesse & Nakao [from 'RIZE' with 'The BONEZ'])
  • "Zenith" (Jesse & Nakao [from 'RIZE' with 'The BONEZ'])
  • "Lovehate"
  • "Historia" (Kaneko [from 'RIZE'])
  • "Ray" (Jesse & Nakao [from 'RIZE' with 'The BONEZ'])
  • "Party House"
  • "To a person that may save someone" (Jesse & Nakao [from 'RIZE' with 'The BONEZ'])
  • "Take Me Home" (Kaneko [from 'RIZE'])
  • "Firebird - Special Exhibition with enra -" (Kaneko [from 'RIZE'])
  • "Silver"
  • "One Shot"


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