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RmKV Silks Pvt. Ltd.
Industry Textile
Genre Wardrobe store
Founded 1924
Founder Rm. K. Visvanatha Pillai
Headquarters Tirunelveli, India
Number of locations
Chennai, Coimbatore, Tirunelveli, Bengaluru
Area served
Key people
K. Sivakumar (MD)
Website RmKV

RmKV is an Indian manufacturer and retailer of silk sarees, based in Tirunelveli. One of the oldest and largest saree retailers in Tamil Nadu, it is notable for having introduced pioneering techniques and manufacturing innovations into the traditional silk saree weaving industry.


RmKV Silks was begun as a saree shop in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, in 1924 by Rm. K. Visvanatha Pillai, dealing mainly in silk Kanchipuram sarees. After the death of his son V.Kumaraswamy, who led RmKV from 1955 to 1988, the family concern was modernised and expanded by his grandsons K.Viswanathan and K.Sivakumar.

Design and Manufacturing[edit]

RmKV Silks can be said to have begun the trend of innovation in the traditional field of silk sarees when they came out with a saree depicting, in woven silk and jari, the 33 Bharatanatyam dance poses for Subramanya Bharathi's song Chinnanchiru Kiliye. Since then RmKV has released about three dozen designer sarees, including Aiswarya Pookkal (National Award, 1998); Hamsa Damayanthi, based on the Raja Ravi Varma painting and modeled by then-unknown Deepika Padukone (National Award, 1999); Kural Ovium (depicting couplets from the Thirukkural); a line of textured "embossed silk" sarees; the reversible silk saree;[1] a 50000-colour saree (modeled by Jyothika);[2] sarees inspired by Op Art; natural-dye silk sarees; and light-silk sarees using patented methods. Conceptualization and design are performed at their studio in Tirunelveli and manufacturing at Arani, Tamil Nadu.

Noted textile designer Subrata Bhowmick of the National Institute of Design was the consultant behind RmKV's Hamsa Damayanti saree and its subsequent advertising campaign.[3]


  • National Award for Master Weavers and Master Craftpersons in 1998 - K.Siva Kumar and S.Rajendran, RmKV [4]
  • National Award for Master Weavers and Master Craftpersons in 1999 - K.Viswanathan and S.Dinakaran, RmKV [5]


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