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Symbol rncO
Rfam RF00552
Other data
RNA type Cis-reg
Domain(s) Bacteria
SO 0000233

RncO is a bacterial non-coding RNA regulatory element found in the rnc leader sequence. The rnc operon is negatively auto-regulated by transcript stability. rnc, the first gene in the operon codes for RNase III which cleaves the long rncO stem II leading to transcript degradation and a reduction in translation.[1] Matsunaga et al. showed that RNase III cleavage can initiate rnc transcript decay independently of rnc gene translation.[2] Further work has established that rncO structure and function is conserved in Salmonella typhimurium.[3]


Functionally the first 215 nucleotides of the rnc leader have been shown to be sufficient. Within this region three stem-loops were identified. Stem-loop II is cleaved by RNase III, whereas stem-loops I and III are important for stability.[1]


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