Roßkopf (Kitzbühel Alps)

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Roßkopf is located in Austria
Highest point
Elevation 1,731 m (AA) (5,679 ft)
Coordinates 47°25′31″N 12°04′10″E / 47.42528°N 12.06944°E / 47.42528; 12.06944Coordinates: 47°25′31″N 12°04′10″E / 47.42528°N 12.06944°E / 47.42528; 12.06944
Location Tyrol, Austria
Parent range Kitzbühel Alps

The Roßkopf is a mountain in the Austrian state of Tyrol in the Kitzbühel Alps. It is 1,731 metres (5,679 ft) high[1] and lies about 7 kilometres due south of Wörgl. To the northeast an arête descends to the Marchbachjoch or Markbachjoch (1,496 m); another ridge runs northeast to the Kirchköpfl (1,487 m) and a third to the Turmkogel (1,648 m) to the south. The summit of the Roßkopf is the highest in the local area. It is marked by a large summit cross.[2]

The summit may be climbed on a number of routes, most of which are designated as "easy",[1][3] and is also a destination for snowshoe tours.[4]



  • From Niederau in der Wildschönau:
    • On foot via the Marchbachjoch (1,496 m) and the Halsgatterl (1,562 m), easy, duration: 3 hrs, 50 min.[1]
    • Via gondola lift to the Marchbachjoch; footpath over the Halsgatterl to the summit, easy, duration: 2 hours.[1]
    • On foot via the Anton Graf Hut and Kircherköpfl, easy, duration: 3 hours.[1]
  • From Wildschönau Oberau:
    • On foot via the Roßkopf Hut, very steep, easy, duration: 2½ hours.[3][5]
    • On foot to the Baumgartenhof and Baumgartenalm. Footpath to Anton Graf Hut or Norderberg snack bar (Way No. 23). Over the "Halsgatterl", fairly steep climb to summit.[5]


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