Roßstein and Buchstein

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Roß- und Buchstein
Roß Buchstein.JPG
Roßstein (1,698 m) and Buchstein (1,701 m)
Highest point
Elevation1,701 m (5,581 ft)
Isolation6.8 kilometres (4.2 mi)
Coordinates47°38′05″N 11°40′55″E / 47.63472°N 11.68194°E / 47.63472; 11.68194Coordinates: 47°38′05″N 11°40′55″E / 47.63472°N 11.68194°E / 47.63472; 11.68194
Roß- und Buchstein is located in Bavaria
Roß- und Buchstein
Roß- und Buchstein

The Roß- und Buchstein (1,701 m) is a mountain of the Tegernsee Mountains range, in the Bavarian Prealps, Bavaria, Germany. The Tegernsee cabin (German: Tegernseer Hütte) is lodged between the Roßstein and the Buchstein.