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Roach may refer to:


  • Cockroach, various insect species of the order Blattodea
  • Common roach (Rutilus rutilus), a fresh and brackish water fish of the family Cyprinidae
    • Rutilus or roaches, a genus of fishes
  • California roach (Hesperoleucus symmetricus), a cyprinid fish native to western North America




  • A zerg, unit in StarCraft 2
  • Roach (headdress), traditional Native American headdress usually of porcupine hair
  • Roach (sail), an arc of extra material on the leech of a sail
  • Roach (smoking), the butt of a marijuana cigarette
  • Roaching, a way of styling the mane of a horse
  • Roach back, a type of conformation of the back of a horse
  • Roach Stone, a type of Portland stone with lots of shell fragments within the stone
  • [Roach] Geralt of Rivia’s horse

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