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Roadkill (video game) boxart.jpg
Developer(s) Terminal Reality
Publisher(s) Midway Games
Engine Infernal Engine
Platform(s) GameCube, Xbox, PlayStation 2
Release date(s) PlayStation 2 & Xbox
  • NA October 13, 2003
  • PAL November 21, 2003
  • NA October 30, 2003
Genre(s) Action, Grand Theft Auto clone[1]
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

RoadKill is an open world action-adventure video game developed by Terminal Reality and published in 2003 by Midway Games. The game has been described by Midway as “the only mission-based combat driving game set in a post-apocalyptic world.”[2]


The story of this game is set in an alternate history inspired by classic post-apocalyptic road films like the Mad Max series and Death Race 2000. It starts after a lethal plague outbreak identified as "The Rot" was released in the 1980s which wiped out most of the world's population and brought society to its knees, going completely haywire with law and order collapsing, gangs roam free to engage in open warfare throughout communities 24/7.

In the midst of the chaos, a man named Mason Strong arrives in Hell County after being betrayed by an organisation named "The Sentinels" who set on recreating law and order by establishing a dictatorship. Mason is hired by the Daredevils, a gang of Irish immigrants led by the biracial "Uncle Woody" after being falsely accused of being a "rat" Mason kills Uncle Woody. He finds a new employer, The Section Eights a gang of War Veterans at war with rival gangs, after defending a convoy he captures the interest of South League, a gang who are trying to destroy The Sentinels after doing a few jobs, he destroys The Sentinel's generators that power their propaganda broadcasts with bomb-planted RC cars. Mason confronts their leader "Axl" and in a battle, kills him. Mason hears a radio broadcast from survivors, pleading for help. Mason gets into a vehicle and says "Buckle up kids here we go" before driving to an unknown location.


Electronic Gaming Monthly commented this game saying "It's like Twisted Metal: Black meets Grand Theft Auto.

Gamespy commented this game saying "If you're a fan of car combat...this is the only game in town."


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