Road 39 (Iran)

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Road 39
جاده 39
Abadan-Ahvaz Expressway
Route information
Length: 284 km (176 mi)
Major junctions
From: Andimeshk, Khuzestan
Zeichen 102 - Kreuzung oder Einmündung mit Vorfahrt von rechts, StVO 1970.svgRoad37.png Road 37
  Road 72
To: Abadan, Khuzestan
Square in Iran.pngRoad96.png Road 96
Provinces: Khuzestan
Major cities: Dezful, Khuzestan
Shushtar, Khuzestan
Ahvaz, Khuzestan
Highway system

Highways in Iran


Road 39 is a road in Khuzestan. All of this road is expressway. It connects Abadan to Ahvaz and it is used for transit from Abadan port. Then it goes to Shushtar, Northeast of Ahvaz. After that it goes north to Dezful. And at last it goes to north to Andimeshk via expressway.