Road 56 (Iran)

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Road 56
جاده 56
Route information
Part of
Length: 248 km (154 mi)
Major junctions
From: Qom, Qom
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  Road65.png Road 65
Freeway in Iran.pngRoad5.png Freeway 5
Road47.png Road 47
To: Borujerd, Lorestan
Zeichen 215 - Kreisverkehr, StVO 2000.svgRoad37.png Road 37
Provinces: Qom, Markazi, Lorestan
Major cities: Borujerd, Arak, Qom
Highway system

Highways in Iran


Road 56 is a road in central Iran. It starts from the northern Ring road of Qom then connects Qom and via other roads Tehran and Esfahan to the industrial city of Arak. After Arak and it ends in Borujerd there run into by Road 37 & Road 52