Road 58 (Iran)

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Road 58
جاده 58
Route information
Length: 220 km (140 mi)
Major junctions
From: Kashan, Isfahan
Square in Iran.pngRoad71.png Road 71
  Road7.png Freeway 7
Road65.png Road 65
Road47.png Road 47
To: Aligoodarz, Lorestan
Zeichen 102 - Kreuzung oder Einmündung mit Vorfahrt von rechts, StVO 1970.svgRoad62.png Road 62
Provinces: Isfahan, Markazi, Lorestan
Major cities: Delijan, Markazi
Mahallat, Markazi
Khomein, Markazi
Highway system

Highways in Iran


Road 58 is a road in central Iran. It connects Kashan to Delijan and Aligoodarz