Road 65 (Iran)

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Road 65
جاده 65
Route information
Part of
Length: 1,208 km (751 mi)
Major junctions
From: Tehran, Tehran
AB-Kreuz-grün.svgExpressway in Iran.png Azadegan Expressway
Expressway in Iran.png Saidi Expressway
  Freeway in Iran.pngRoad5.png Freeway 5
Freeway in Iran.pngRoad6.png Freeway 6
Road49.png Road 49
Road48.png Road 48
Road56.png Road 56
Road58.png Road 58
Road 586
Road 587
Road 665
Freeway in Iran.pngRoad7.png Freeway 7
Road47.png Road 47
Freeway in Iran.pngRoad9.png Freeway 9
Road 656
Road 551
Road72.png Road 72
Road63.png Road 63
Road78.png Road 78
Road 122
Expressway in Iran.png Shiraz Ringway
Road67.png Road 67
Road86.png Road 86
Road94.png Road 94
To: Bandar Taheri, Bushehr
Zeichen 102 - Kreuzung oder Einmündung mit Vorfahrt von rechts, StVO 1970.svgRoad96.png Road 96
Provinces: Bushehr, Fars, Isfahan, Mrkazi, Qom, Tehran
Major cities: Eslamshahr, Tehran
Saveh, Markazi
Salafchegan, Qom
Delijan, Markazi
Meymeh, Isfahan
Shahin Shahr, Isfahan
Isfahan, Isfahan
Shahreza, Isfahan
Abadeh, Fars
Marvdasht, Fars
Shiraz, Fars
Firoozabad, Fars
Jam, Bushehr
Highway system

Highways in Iran


This north-south road is an important transit road connecting Tehran to Fars.



Saveh Bypass is now under construction.[1]


Abadeh Bypass is now completed and operational travelling northeast of the city of Abadeh.


Saadatshahr Tunnel, located between Saadatshahr and Qaderabad, was closed for repairs and lighting related works from 22 November 2011 to mid-February 2012.[2]


The road is under construction to be improved to 2+2 expressway.[3]


There are plans to build another 2 lanes and make the road a 4-lane expressway.[4]