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The Road Haulage Association Ltd (RHA) is a British trade association which represents members of the road haulage industry, together with allied businesses. The RHA has been in existence for more than fifty years. As a trade association, the RHA provides campaigning, advice, information and business services for its members within the UK haulage industry, including audits, risk assessments and contracts of employment. It also offers training, from Digital Tachograph training to Safe Loading.

Its head office is in Peterborough, England, and other offices are found in Weybridge, Edinburgh, Bristol and Bradford.

The RHA is headed by Chief Executive Mr Richard Burnett.

The RHA was engaged in the United Kingdom fuel protest of 2000, which was a major protest against the price of fuel and fuel tax. The RHA was engaged in similar campaigns in 2007 and 2008.

Digital tachographs[edit]

Since the launch of digital tachographs in May 2006, the RHA has been involved in the implementation of the technology into the haulage industry, including the introduction of digital data downloading tools and digital analysis in the form of various 3rd party software.

The association provides training in the use of digital tachographs.

Campaign for Safe Road Design[edit]

In July 2008 the AA became a partner in the Campaign for Safe Road Design which is calling on the UK government to make safe road design a national transport priority.[1]


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