Road House 2

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Road House 2
DVD cover
Directed by Scott Ziehl
Produced by Yoram Pelman
Screenplay by
Story by Miles Chapman
Music by Amotz Plessner
Cinematography Thomas L. Callaway
Edited by Edgar Burcksen
Distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Release date
  • July 18, 2006 (2006-07-18)
Running time
86 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Road House 2 is a 2006 American direct-to-video action film directed by Scott Ziehl. It is the sequel to 1989's Road House. Johnathon Schaech stars as a bouncer who must protect a Louisiana bar from criminals.


D.E.A. agent Shane Tanner (Johnathon Schaech), is the son of a legendary cooler named James Dalton (played by Patrick Swayze in the original film). Nate Tanner (Will Patton) is Shane's uncle, and the owner of the Black Pelican, a bar located in Nate's new permanent town of Tyree, Louisiana. Nate gets a call from his rival, who's nicknamed "Wild Bill", the former Black Pelican owner who has been trying to get the bar back. Wild Bill asks Nate to meet him at a pier, supposedly to discuss a truce. Nate goes to the pier and gets ambushed and beat up badly by Wild Bill.

Meanwhile in New York City, Shane, along with other agents, bust drug dealers in a night club. Shane later gets a phone call about his uncle being in the hospital and getting badly beaten. Shane gets his uncle's location and leaves for Tyree. Shane takes off for local authorities to find out who ambushed Nate. Shane decides to stay in Nate's house and run the Black Pelican in Nate's absence, much to the dismay of Wild Bill. The location is best for drug-running, as the Black Pelican is close to the border. However, like his uncle, Shane refuses to sell the bar and damages the numerous thugs that Wild Bill sends his way.

A small subplot involves Shane still looking for the murderer who killed his father, the legendary Dalton, many years ago when Shane arrived home from work (Shane was a Rookie Louisiana State Trooper). After Dalton's murder, Shane left town and joined the DEA as a field agent. Now, Wild Bill's boss, Miami crime syndicate kingpin Victor Cross (Richard Norton), decides that it's time to handle matters personally, since Wild Bill's men have not been doing a good job of taking care of Shane. Shane is soon faced with impossible odds and a low number of staff members at the Black Pelican.

To rid Louisiana of Victor, Wild Bill, and their organization, Shane teams up with local school teacher Beau Hampton, who has a military background. Soon, Beau and Shane team up and take down Wild Bill (Beau's cousin who warns her throughout the film) and Victor. In the end, Victor is badly beaten and left at Beau's house and Wild Bill is impaled by the symbolic black pelican at the bar.

It is revealed that Victor had wanted Shane dead for a drug bust he did on Victor long ago as a Rookie State Trooper. Victor had hired Wild Bill, then a cooler at the bar, to kill Dalton. Shane decides to stay in town since he can finally be at peace after finding his father's murderers and exacting justice on them.



Scott Weinberg of DVD Talk rated it 2.5/5 stars and called it a predictably "mindless, silly mess" that was made to capitalize on the first film's fandom.[1] In a review of both films, Cam Lindsay of Exclaim! wrote that it was better to ignore the sequel and simply rewatch the original instead.[2]


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