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The Road Movie trilogy is a series of three road movies directed by German film director Wim Wenders in the mid-1970s. They include Alice in the Cities (1974), The Wrong Move (1975), and Kings of the Road (1976). All three films were shot by cinematographer Robby Müller and mostly take place in West Germany. The centerpiece of the trilogy, The Wrong Move was shot in colour whereas Alice in the Cities was in black and white 16 mm, and Kings of the Road was in black and white 35 mm film.


The three low-budget films established Wenders' and Müller's road movie style, a style that they later resurrected in bigger budget color films including Paris Texas and Until the End of the World. The trilogy also introduced (in Alice in the Cities) the fictitious wandering character Philip Winter who returns in three later Wenders films, Lisbon Story, Until the End of the World, and Faraway, So Close!. The style of aimless wandering in the Road Movie trilogy influenced other directors including American director Jim Jarmusch (Stranger Than Paradise) who worked with Wenders on The State of Things. The Road Movie trilogy has attained minor cult film status among Wenders and Müller fans.