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Road Traffic Regulations & Signs - Straßenverkehrs-Ordnung[1]

§ 1 Grundregeln - Basic Rules

(1) Die Teilnahme am Straßenverkehr erfordert ständige Vorsicht und gegenseitige Rücksicht. - Road transport requires constant care and mutual consideration.
(2) Wer am Verkehr teilnimmt hat sich so zu verhalten, dass kein Anderer geschädigt, gefährdet oder mehr, als nach den Umständen unvermeidbar, behindert oder belästigt wird. - Anyone who participates in the traffic shall behave in such a way that no other person is harmed, endangered or more than is unavoidably, hindered or harassed by the circumstances.

Warning signs - [you must] Yield to ... (as needed)[edit]

General Danger or Traffic Control[2][3]

People & Road Workers[edit]

You Must Yield to All People, Especially Children & Elderly

Rail & Train Signage[edit]

Bahnübergang[4][better source needed]

You Must Yield to All Rail Traffic or Rail Signals, No Overtaking Allowed within Zone[5]

Traffic Lanes & Priority[edit]

Reißverschlussverfahren[6][better source needed] - "Zipper Rule" for 1-Way Traffic Merging & 2-Way Traffic Priorities

Environmental Factors[edit]

Yield as necessary to not endanger yourself or other road users

Traffic Priority - Priority roads[edit]

Yield to All Pedestrians or Bicycles, Priority Travel Does Not Yield, Signal All Turns

Other Factors[edit]

Yield or Reduce Speed as Necessary [7]

Vehicle Classifications & Specifics[edit]

Official (base) Symbols in Germany as per Straßenverkehrs-Ordnung (StVO) § 39 Verkehrszeichen[9]


Red Ring - In addition to any sign/placard, the Red Ring forbids (in general) the item noted and anything of greater size or value; i.e., if a car is pictured, then not only are cars not permitted verboten but also trucks too.

A Red Ring is also a traffic sign itself... No Vehicles (of any type) Permitted, Pushing Motorcycles/Mopeds/Bicycles Permitted

Bicycles & Mopeds[edit]


Classified as above/below 500 cc motor size, and with or without sidecar


Personenkraftwagen - Pkw[10] - "Powered Car for (the transport of) Persons"; e.g., cars/automobiles

Recreational Vehicles, Farm Equipment or Animal Powered[edit]

Trucks & Lorries[edit]

Lastkraftwagen - Lkw[11] - "Powered Car for Loads", e.g., truck, lorry, semi, tractor-trailer

Kraftfahrzeuge (Kfz)[12] mit einer zulässigen Gesamtmasse über 3,5 t, einschließlich ihrer Anhänger, und Zugmaschinen, ausgenommen Personenkraftwagen und Kraftomnibusse - Motor vehicles with a maximum authorized mass of more than 3,5 t, including their trailers, and tractors other than cars and buses

Restrictions & Allowances for Vehicles (generally larger) than Cars[edit]

Dangerous or Hazardous Cargos[edit]

Buses, Public Transit & Rail[edit]

Buses (generally) and trains (always) have the priority/right of way[14]


Primary Road Classifications & Related Signs[edit]


Basic Traffic Controls

Speed Controls & Limits

Passing & Overtaking



German Limited Access Highway - Blue Background[15]

Bundesstraße - Non-Limited Access Highways or Main Roads - Yellow Background[edit]

Urban or Built-up Areas[edit]

Traffic Priority - Priority roads[edit]

Yield to All Pedestrians or Bicycles, Priority Travel Does Not Yield, Signal All Turns

Paved Surfaces - 'Edge to Edge' Controls[edit]

Fahrtbahn/Streifen - Driving Lane Controls[edit]

Roadway lanes delineated by lines for/of single vehicle width

Dedicated Lane Use Required for ...[edit]

Special Zones[edit]

Stopping, Waiting, Parking[edit]

Parking is considered anything over 3 minutes

Absolutely no stopping or waiting on traffic lanes - Emergency Excepted

No waiting/standing longer than 3 minutes on traffic lanes - "Loading/Unloading & Pick-up/Drop-off Zone"

Bus Stop & Taxi Zones

Road Markings/Lines[edit]

Intersections & Crosswalks[16][better source needed]

Driving Lanes

Information signs[edit]

Informational Signs[edit]

Base Traffic Symbols[edit]

Standardized Traffic Symbols[edit]


Road equipment[edit]

Obsolete or Signs Removed from Service[edit]

Obsolete signs since 2017 [17]

Obsolete signs since 2013 [17]


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