Road signs in Greece

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Road signs in Greece are regulated by the Ministry of Transport and the Hellenic Traffic Police.

Signs follow the general European conventions concerning the use of shape and colour to indicate function. Thus signs indicating dangers are triangular with a red border, those giving orders are almost all circular (white on blue for mandatory instructions, black on white with a red border for prohibitions), and those providing information are rectangular. Most signs use pictograms to convey their particular meaning.

As is customary in European countries, all signs are partly or fully reflectorized or are provided with their own night-time illumination. Signs used for temporary regulations may have a yellow background colour, as is illustrated with the road works sign.

Greek road signs depict people with realistic (as opposed to stylized) silhouettes.

Warning signs[edit]

Priority signs[edit]

Prohibitory signs[edit]

Prohibitory signs are round with white backgrounds and red borders.

Mandatory signs[edit]

Mandatory signs are always round and blue

Informatory signs[edit]

Rare, special or unoffficial signs[edit]

Retired signs[edit]