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The road signs in Poland follow the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals and, therefore, are more or less identical to those in other European countries. Warning signs have yellow background rather than the more common black-on-white design, and therefore similar to the Road signs in Greece.

Polish road signs depict people with stylized (as opposed to naturalistic) silhouettes.

Warning signs[edit]

Warning signs are triangular with yellow backgrounds and red borders.

Prohibitory signs[edit]

Prohibitory signs are circular with white backgrounds and red borders, except the no parking and no standing signs which have a blue background instead of white.

Mandatory signs[edit]

Mandatory signs are circular with blue backgrounds and white borders.

Informational signs[edit]

Direction signs[edit]

Complementary signs[edit]

Level crossing signs[edit]

Road markings[edit]

Cycleway signs[edit]

Traffic signals[edit]

Signals for drivers and pedestrians[edit]

Signals for bus or tram drivers[edit]

Complementary plates[edit]

Military signs[edit]

Other signs[edit]

Tram signs[edit]