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Not to be confused with the Detroit band of the same name.
Origin England
Years active 1990-1991
Associated acts Def Leppard
The Next Band
Past members Paul Jackson
Pete Willis
Richard Day
Wayne Grant
Frank Noon
Trevor Brewis

Roadhouse was a British rock band that once included former Def Leppard members guitarist Pete Willis and drummer Frank Noon.[1] According to the band's website, the band recorded a 4 song demo with Noon as their drummer. However, Noon was no longer in Roadhouse by the time of the recording of their debut album. Roadhouse released their self-titled album in August 1991. The album is often referred to as On A Desert Road, a reference to a line in the song "Time". Several singles were released from the album, with b-sides that are not on the album. The band toured in support of Ian Gillan/No Sweat/Saxon/Two Tribes and recorded four videos for MTV. The single "Hell Can Wait" reached number 9 in the UK Rock Chart.

Band members[edit]

  • Paul Jackson - Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica
  • Pete Willis - Lead & Rhythm Guitar, backing vocals
  • Richard Day - Lead & Rhythm Guitar, backing vocals
  • Wayne Grant - Bass, backing vocals
  • Frank Noon - Drums (1990)
  • Trevor Brewis - Drums (1990-1991)
  • Brian Hall - Lead & Rhythm Guitar, backing vocals (1991) (live substitute)

Roadhouse fell apart soon after the release of the debut album. Jackson was initially offered the position as the replacement for Noddy Holder in Slade, but after rehearsing with them for a few months, he had to leave the band due to bereavements in his family. He formed Smith & Jackson with Jimmy Smith in 1997 and, while based in Phoenix, Arizona, United States, employed the former Kiss producer/associate Sean Delaney as their manager. The band toured with Lynyrd Skynyrd/Blackhawk/Toby Keith/Keith Urban on The Country Thunder Tour. Following Delaney's death in 2003, Smith & Jackson released their debut album, Rivertown, on RGF Records (RGF/SJCD 057) in 2004. He is currently recording his first solo album in the United Kingdom and Nashville, Tennessee, United States, with his manager Bill Aucoin, and song writing with Kostas.

Willis remains around the Sheffield area, whilst Brewis is working as a teacher and playing drums for The Caffreyes. Grant has worked with Simply Red.


4 song demo[edit]

According to the band's website, this demo features drummer Frank Noon and includes the song "Jackson High", which was later included as one of the extra songs on the "Hell Can Wait" single.

Roadhouse (album)[edit]

  1. "All Join Hands" (Day/Jackson/Willis) - [4:51]
  2. "Time" (Day/Jackson/Willis) - [5:09]
  3. "Tower Of Love" (Day/Jackson/Noon) - [3:55]
  4. "A Little Love" (Day/Jackson) - [4:12]
  5. "Loving You" (Day/Jackson) - [4:38]
  6. "Hell Can Wait" (Day/Jackson/McCracken) - [5:03]
  7. "One Heart" (Day/Halliday/Jackson/Willis) - [4:11]
  8. "New Horizon" (Jackson/Willis) - [4:35]
  9. "Stranger In Your Eyes" (Day/Grant/Jackson/Willis) - [4:09]
  10. "Desperation Calling" (Day/Jackson/Willis) - [5:47]

Note: The only full studio release from Willis post-Leppard. Executive producer: David Bates; Produced by Roadhouse & Chris Sheldon; Additional production on tracks 1-3, 5 & 6 by Mike Shipley & Pete Woodruff; Recorded at Crow Edge Studios, Sheffield, a studio that Willis had helped set up.

"Tower Of Love" (single)[edit]

  1. "Tower Of Love" (Day/Grant/Jackson/Noon) - [3:55]
  2. "Can't Take The Credit For It" + (Day/Jackson/Noon/Willis) - [4:35]
  3. "Freight Train" (Acoustic Version) + (Day/Jackson/Noon/Willis) - [4:03]

Note: Released 13 May 1991. Though it says "acoustic version" after "Freight Train," no other version appears on the self-titled album. Issued in 7", 12" and CD-single format. + are non-album bonus tracks. "Tower Of Love" was also released as a 12" promo single (ROAD-DJ1).

"Roadhouse" (sampler cassette)[edit]

  1. "Loving You" (Day/Jackson) - [4:38]
  2. "All Join Hands" (Day/Grant/Jackson/Willis) - [4:51]
  3. "Time" (Day/Jackson/Willis) - [5:09]
  4. "Tower Of Love" (Day/Grant/Jackson/Noon) - [3:55]
  5. "Hell Can Wait" (Day/Jackson/McCracken) - [5:03]

Note: Promotional cassette (with no matrix #) of material from the Roadhouse album, dated 20 June 1991. Issued with a plain typed J-card.

"Roadhouse" (EP)[edit]

  1. "All Join Hands" (Day/Grant/Jackson/Willis) - [4:51]
  2. "Straight For Your Heart" + (Day/Grant/Jackson/Willis) - [3:13]
  3. "Tower Of Love" (Day/Grant/Jackson/Noon) - [3:55]
  4. "Can't Take The Credit For It" + (Day/Grant/Jackson/Noon) - [4:35]

Note: Not very clear about the history of this release (ROAD-DJ2, though the inclusion and A1 track would indicate it was issued prior to the second single). Some copies come with a press release which detailed all sorts of fun stuff. Tracks are produced by Roadhouse & Chris Sheldon. + are non-album bonus tracks.

"All Join Hands" (single)[edit]

  1. "All Join Hands" (Day/Grant/Jackson/Willis) - [4:51]
  2. "Straight For Your Heart" + (Day/Grant/Jackson/Willis) - [3:13]
  3. "More Than I Want" + (Day/Grant/Jackson/Noon/Willis) - [4:35]

Note: The band's second single, released 5 August 1991 in 7", 12", and CD-single formats. "More Than I Want" was co-written with drummer Frank Noon, who was replaced in Roadhouse by drummer Trevor Brewis before the band recorded their album. + are non-album bonus tracks.

"Hell Can Wait" (single)[edit]

  1. "Hell Can Wait" (Day/Grant/Jackson/McCracken) - [4:51]
  2. "Jackson High" (Original Demo) + (Day/Jackson/Willis) - [4:18]
  3. "Loving You" (Day/Jackson) - [4:38]
  4. "More Than I Want" + (Day/Grant/Jackson/Noon/Willis) - [4:35]

Note: The band's third single, released in 1992 in 12" picture disc, and CD-single formats. + are non-album bonus tracks. According to the band's website, the song "Jackson High" is from a 4 song demo and features drummer Frank Noon.


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