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A promotional shot of the four 'team captains'. From left to right: Robb Flynn, Matt Heafy, Joey Jordison (wearing his Slipknot mask), and Dino Cazares.
A promotional shot of the four 'team captains'. From left to right: Robb Flynn, Matt Heafy, Joey Jordison (wearing his Slipknot mask), and Dino Cazares.

Roadrunner United was a project organized by American heavy metal record label Roadrunner Records to celebrate its 25th anniversary. It culminated in an album released worldwide on October 11, 2005, entitled The All-Star Sessions. Four "team captains" were chosen to lead 57 artists from 45 past and present Roadrunner bands, and produce and oversee the album's 18 tracks: then-Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison, Trivium frontman and guitarist Matt Heafy, Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares, and Machine Head frontman and guitarist Robb Flynn. The project was the brainchild of Roadrunner UK general manager Mark Palmer and Roadrunner USA VP of A&R Monte Conner. The album project was coordinated by Lora Richardson and was mixed by Colin Richardson and Andy Sneap. The All-Star Sessions spawned one single and music video ("The End"). The DVD included with the CD purchase is a documentary of the "Making Of" the songs. It features the sessions of the four team captains making their songs.[1]

On October 13, 2008, Roadrunner Records announced on its Myspace and on its official website that a two-disc DVD of a release party-concert, featuring songs from the album performed live, would be released on December 9, 2008. The DVD features the full concert and a documentary.

The All-Star Sessions[edit]

The All-Star Sessions
Studio album by
Roadrunner United
ReleasedOctober 10, 2005
RecordedFebruary 16 – June 1, 2005
GenreHeavy metal
Professional ratings
Review scores
Stylus MagazineB+[2]
Pyro Music8.5/10 stars[3]

Track listing[edit]

No.TitleLyricsMusicPerformed byLength
1."The Dagger"Robb Flynn, Howard JonesFlynn5:31
2."The Enemy"Mark HunterDino Cazares, Roy Mayorga4:44
3."Annihilation by the Hands of God"Glen BentonJoey Jordison, Rob Barrett5:33
4."In the Fire"King DiamondMatt Heafy4:07
5."The End"Matt HeafyCazares3:35
6."Tired 'n Lonely"Mina Caputo[a]Jordison3:37
7."Independent (Voice of the Voiceless)"Max CavaleraFlynn, Phil Demmel4:51
8."Dawn of a Golden Age"Dani FilthHeafy4:09
9."The Rich Man"Corey TaylorFlynn6:49
10."No Way Out"Daryl PalumboJordison, Matt Sepanic3:27
11."Baptized in the Redemption"Dez FafaraCazares, Mayorga3:19
12."Roads"Mikael ÅkerfeldtJosh Silver2:24
13."Blood & Flames"Jesse LeachHeafy5:38
14."Constitution Down"Kyle ThomasJordison5:04
15."I Don't Wanna Be (A Superhero)"Michale GravesHeafy2:02
16."Army of the Sun"Tim WilliamsFlynn, Dave McClain3:48
17."No Más Control"Cristian MachadoCazares, John Sankey3:01
18."Enemy of the State"Peter SteeleJordison, Sepanic5:08
Total length:76:55

(C) - Denotes the captain for the song.


Team Captains[edit]

Robb Flynn, guitarist and vocalist for Machine Head
Dino Cazares, guitarist for Fear Factory
Joey Jordison, former drummer for Slipknot
Joey Jordison, former drummer for Slipknot
Matt Heafy, vocalist and guitarist for Trivium

The following were the primary songwriters/producers for the album and were referred to as the 'Team Captains', each getting to select the musicians they wanted for each song.

  • Robb Flynn - co-lead vocals (track 1), keyboards (tracks 7, 9), rhythm guitar, production (1, 7, 9, 16)
  • Dino Cazares - rhythm guitar, production (tracks 2, 5, 11, 17)
  • Joey Jordison - bass (tracks 6, 10), drums, production (tracks 3, 6, 10, 14, 18)
  • Matt Heafy - lead vocals (track 5), backing vocals (tracks 8, 13), acoustic guitar (tracks 4, 13), lead and rhythm guitar, production (tracks 4, 8, 13, 15)







  • Matt Sepanic (tracks 3, 6, 10, 14, 18)
  • Jason Suecof (tracks (4, 8, 13, 15)
  • Roy Mayorga (tracks 2, 5, 11, 17)
  • Mark Keaton (tracks 1, 7, 9, 16)


Chart (2005) Peak
Australian ARIA Albums Chart 45
UK Albums Chart[4] 45
U.S. Billboard 200 77

Roadrunner United: The Concert[edit]

The Concert
Roadrunner United - The Concert.jpg
Live album by
Roadrunner United
RecordedDecember 15, 2005
GenreHeavy metal
ProducerHarlen Frey

A concert celebrating the project, album and anniversary took place on Thursday December 15 2005 at the Nokia Theater, NYC. The concert featured multiple musicians both past and present from Roadrunner bands, as well as musicians that did not originally perform on 'The All-Star Sessions' album. The set list consisted of some of the most popular and famous songs released by Roadrunner records as well as some of the original songs from the project's album. The 'core band', who performed on the majority of the songs, was Dino Cazares, Adam Duce, Paul Gray, Joey Jordison, Andreas Kisser, Roy Mayorga.


No.TitleMusicPerformed byLength
2."Set It Off"Madball2:55
3."March of the S.O.D"Stormtroopers of Death1:34
4."River Runs Red"Life of Agony2:09
5."The End Complete"Obituary5:02
6."Curse of the Pharaohs"Mercyful Fate3:48
7."Abigail"King Diamond5:16
8."Allison Hell"Annihilator6:35
9."Dead by Dawn"Deicide4:35
10."Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr" (With outro of Pantera's "Domination")Trivium6:09
11."My Last Serenade"Killswitch Engage3:58
12."Pure Hatred"Chimaira4:32
13."Replica"Fear Factory4:06
14."Black No. 1"Type O Negative6:00
15."Tired 'n Lonely"Roadrunner United3:55
16."Bother"Stone Sour6:15
17."The Rich Man"Roadrunner United6:30
18."The Dagger"Roadrunner United5:59
19."The End"Roadrunner United3:31
20."Eye for an Eye"Soulfly4:35
23."Davidian"Machine Head6:05
25."Roots Bloody Roots"Sepultura6:22
Total length:1:57:39
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