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Romania's National Road Network

Public roads in Romania are ranked according to importance and traffic as follows:

  • motorways (autostradă - pl. autostrăzi) - colour: green; designation: A followed by one digit
  • expressways (drum rapid or drum expres) - colour: red; designation: DX followed by one or two digits and an optional letter
  • national road (drum naţional - pl. drumuri naţionale) - colour: red; designation: DN followed by one or two digits and an optional letter
  • county road (drum judeţean - pl. drumuri judeţene) - colour: blue; designation: DJ followed by three digits and an optional letter; unique numbers per county
  • local road (drum comunal - pl. drumuri comunale) - colour: yellow; designated DC followed by a number and an optional letter; unique numbers per county

Some of the national roads are part of the European route scheme. European routes passing through Romania: E58; E60; E70; E85; E79; E81; E68; E87 (Class A); E574; E576; E581; E583; E671; E771.

In 2014, a total of 85,362 kilometres (53,041 mi) of roads existed in Romania, of which 52,328 kilometres (32,515 mi) were paved and 33,034 kilometres (20,526 mi) were gravel roads.[1]


Main article: Highways in Romania

Development of the overall length (at the end of):

Year 1972 1987 2000 2002 2004 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Length in km 96 113 113* 113* 228 281 281* 321 332 390 530 646 696 751** 886**
  • redone
    • planned total length to be in use.

Motorways are identified by A followed by a number. As of December 2014, Romania has 687.1 km of motorway in use, with another 193.49 km under construction.[2] In recent years, a master plan for the national motorway network has been developed and many works have begun around the country,[3] which will result in significant changes by 2015,[4] and eventually by 2022.[5]

There are few tolls for using roads in Romania. There is one at the Giurgeni – Vadu Oii Bridge over the river Danube on highway DN2A at Vadu Oii and one at the Cernavodă Bridge, on the A2 motorway, a 17 km long section between Feteşti and Cernavodă which consists of two road/railway bridges. Nevertheless every owner of a car that uses a motorway (A) or a national road (DN) in Romania must purchase a vignette (rovinietă) from any of the main petrol stations or at any post office throughout the country.[6]

Trunk Motorway Route Planned (km) / Built (km) Remarks
A1 motorway
Tabliczka RO A1.svg
BucharestPiteştiRâmnicu VâlceaSibiuDevaTimişoaraAradNădlac –> Hungary 581 / 377.5 Bucharest – Piteşti (96 km), Piteşti bypass (13.6 km), Sibiu bypass (33.5 km), Sibiu - Orastie (82,1 km), Orastie – Deva (32.5 km), Traian Vuia – Balinţ (17.4 km), Izvin - Giarmata (9.5 km), Timişoara - Arad (54 km) and Arad - Nadlac (38.9 km) sections are operational; works are ongoing on another 97.48 km between Deva and Timisoara; the remaining 116 km between Pitesti and Sibiu are to be completed by 2020.
A2 motorway
Tabliczka RO A2.svg
BucharestFeteştiCernavodăConstanţa 206 / 206 Operational on the entire length; first fully completed Romanian motorway.
A3 motorway
Tabliczka RO A3.svg
BucharestPloieştiBraşovSighişoaraTârgu MureșCluj-NapocaZalăuOradeaBorş –> Hungary 584 / 107 Bucharest Ring Road – Ploieşti (55 km) and Câmpia Turzii – Gilǎu (52 km) sectors are operational; Bucharest – Bucharest Ring Road (6.5 km), and Gilău – Nădăşel (8.5 km) segments are under construction; tendering are the segments Targu-Mures - Campia Turzii (51.79 km) in 2014 and Comarnic – Braşov (55 km) as a concession in 2013.
A4 motorway
Tabliczka RO A4.svg
OvidiuAgigeaMangaliaVama Veche –> Bulgaria ~60 / 22 Constanţa bypass complete, between Ovidiu and the Port of Constanţa. Agigea – Vama Veche section planned.
A5 motorway
Tabliczka RO A5.svg
BraşovBacău 160 / 0 Mentioned in the 2014 Masterplan[7]
A6 motorway
Tabliczka RO A6.svg
Junction with A1 near LugojDrobeta-Turnu SeverinCraiovaCalafatAlexandriaBucharest n/a / 11 Operational between the junction with A1 and the Lugoj bypass.[8]
East–West motorway
Tabliczka RO A8.svg
Moldova –> IaşiTârgu FrumosSăbăoaniTârgu NeamţPoiana LarguluiDitrăuTârgu Mureş – Junction with A3 318 / 0 It will connect regions of Moldavia and Transylvania. Feasibility studies conducted in 2009-2011; Feasibility studies revision and update contracted in 2015.[9]
A10 motorway
Junction with A1 near Sebeș – Junction with A3 near Turda 70 / 0 Contracts signed for the lots 3&4, start of work mid-May 2014. Decision on Lots 1 & 2 currently under court review.[10]
A12 motorway
Tabliczka RO A12.svg
Junction with A1 near PiteştiSlatinaCraiova 121 / 0 Mentioned in the 2014 Masterplan[7]
Bucharest motorway ring road Beltway around Bucharest 100 / 0 South Ring Road Motorway (48 km) tendered as a concession in 2013. North Ring Road Motorway (52 km) planned.[citation needed]
Ploieşti–Albiţa motorway Splitting from A3 near PloieştiBuzăuFocşaniAlbiţa –> Moldova 288 / 0 Planned; proposed for a concession contract.


Planned expressways according to CNADNR (Romanian National Company of Motorways and National Roads):[7][11]

Expressway Route Length (km) / in use (km) Remarks
DE1 LugojDrobeta-Turnu SeverinCraiova 246 / 0 will connect A6 and A12
DE4 TurdaCluj-Napoca - Baia Mare - Ukraine 187 / 0 will connect A3 to Ukraine
DE5 BuzăuFocşani - Bacău - Suceava - Ukraine 352 / 0
DE5A SuceavaBotoşani 30 / 0
DE5B BacăuPiatra Neamţ 53 / 0
DE6 BraşovPiteşti 119 / 0 will connect A3 to A1
DE7 GăeştiPloieştiBuzăuBrăilaGalaţi 270 / 0
DE7A BrăilaFocşani 108 / 0 will connect DE7 and DE5
DE8 ConstanţaTulceaBrăila 186 / 0 will connect A4 and DE7

European routes[edit]

Class A[edit]

Map or European routes through Romania

Class B[edit]

National roads[edit]

There is a total of 17,272 kilometres (10,732 mi) of National Roads (DN).[1] Seven one-digit national roads start off in Bucharest in a radial pattern.[2]

Truck roads[edit]

National Road Route Length (km) European System Remarks
RO Roadsign 1.svg
BucharestPloieştiBraşovFăgăraşSibiuAlba IuliaTurdaCluj-NapocaOradeaBorş –> Hungary 642
(Bucharest – Braşov);
(Braşov – Tălmaciu); E68/E81 (Tălmaciu – Sebeş);
(Sebeş – Turda); E60/E81 (Turda – Cluj-Napoca);
(Cluj-Napoca – Oradea)
Partially four-lane road.
Probably the busiest truckroad in Romania and one of the longest. The road serves as one of the main routes linking the capital with Transylvania and the western border and comprises numerous sections of European roads.
RO Roadsign 1C.svg
Cluj-NapocaApahidaGherlaDejBaia MareHalmeu –> Ukraine 217
(Cluj-Napoca – Dej);
(Dej – Baia Mare – Halmeu);
(Livada – Halmeu)
Four-lane road from Apahida to Gherla. Because of the heavy traffic from the Bosch factory in Jucu, a new bridge over the Somesul Mic river was built near Apahida. Access to and from Cluj-Napoca is granted by a northern 2 lane bypass, built in 2009 to reduce traffic congestion. The bypass is part of the future Cluj-Napoca beltway, and will link E576 straight to A3 motorway.
RO Roadsign 1F.svg
Cluj-NapocaZalăuSărmăşagCarei –> Hungary 178
(Cluj-Napoca – Zalău – Supuru de Sus)
RO Roadsign 12.svg
BraşovSfântu GheorgheBăile TuşnadMiercurea-CiucTopliţa 164
RO Roadsign 13.svg
BraşovRupeaSighişoaraBălăuşeriTârgu Mureş 165
RO Roadsign 15.svg
TurdaCâmpia TurziiLuduşTârgu MureşReghinTopliţaPoiana LarguluiBicazPiatra NeamţBacău 369
(Turda – Targu Mures);
(Reghin – Toplita)
RO Roadsign 17.svg
DejBecleanBistriţaVatra DorneiCâmpulung MoldovenescGura HumoruluiSuceava 252
RO Roadsign 18.svg
Baia MareSighetu MarmaţieiBorşaCârlibabaIacobeni 220
RO Roadsign 19.svg
Sighetu MarmaţieiCâmpulung la TisaNegreşti-OaşSatu MareCareiOradea 234
(Livada – Satu Mare);
(Satu Mare – Oradea)
RO Roadsign 2.svg
BucharestUrziceniBuzăuFocşaniBacăuRomanFălticeniSuceavaSiret –> Ukraine 482
Partially four-lane road.
Passes by some beautiful fortified cloisters/churches and through some beautiful scenery in northern Moldavia.
RO Roadsign 2A.svg
RO Roadsign 2B.svg
BuzăuFăureiBrăilaGalaţi –> Moldova
(Brăila – Giurgiuleşti)
RO Roadsign 22.svg
Râmnicu SăratBrăilaMăcinIsacceaTulceaBabadagConstanţa
(Brăila – Constanţa)
RO Roadsign 24.svg
TişiţaTecuciBârladVasluiIaşiSculeni –> Moldova 220
(Iaşi – Sculeni);
(Tişiţa – Crasna);
(Iaşi – Sculeni)
RO Roadsign 24B.svg
CrasnaHuşiAlbiţa –> Moldova
RO Roadsign 28.svg
RomanTârgu FrumosIaşiAlbiţa
(Târgu Frumos – Iaşi);
(Roman – Săbăoani);
(Săbăoani – Iaşi)
Four-lane road.
RO Roadsign 28A.svg
Târgu FrumosPaşcaniMoţca
RO Roadsign 28B.svg
Târgu FrumosHârlăuBotoşani
RO Roadsign 3.svg
BucharestFunduleaLehliu GarăCălăraşiOstrovBasarabiConstanţa
RO Roadsign 4.svg
RO Roadsign 5.svg
BucharestGiurgiu –> Bulgaria 65
Four-lane road.
RO Roadsign 6.svg
BucharestAlexandriaCaracalCraiovaDrobeta-Turnu SeverinCaransebeşLugojTimişoaraSânnicolau MareCenad –> Hungary 639
(Bucharest – Timisoara)
Partially four-lane road.
RO Roadsign 66.svg
SimeriaHaţegPetroşaniTârgu JiuFiliaşi 211
RO Roadsign 69.svg
RO Roadsign 7.svg
BucharestGăeştiPiteştiRâmnicu VâlceaSibiuDevaAradNădlac –> Hungary 597
(Bucharest – Talmaciu); E58/E81/overlap with DN1 (Talmaciu – Sebes);
(Sebes – Nadlac)
Partially four-lane road.
Heading north from Ramnicu Valcea to Sibiu, the trunkroad passes along the beautiful Olt River Valley.
RO Roadsign 76.svg
DevaBradŞteiBeiuşOradea 181
RO Roadsign 79.svg
AradChişineu CrişSalontaOradea 113
RO Roadsign CB.svg
Bucharest ring road 82 To be upgraded to four-lane road.

Other national roads[edit]

National Road Route Length (km) European road Remarks
DN1A BucharestBufteaPloieştiVălenii de MunteSăcele
DN1B PloieştiMizilBuzău Upgrading to four-lane road.
DN1D MizilUrziceni
DN1E BraşovPoiana BraşovRâşnov
DN1G HuedinJibou
DN1H NegreniJibouŞimleu SilvanieiAleşd
DN10 BraşovÎntorsura BuzăuluiNehoiuBuzău
DN11 BraşovTârgu SecuiescOneştiBacău
DN11A OneştiAdjudPodu Turcului
DN11B Târgu SecuiescCozmeni
DN12A Miercurea-CiucTârgu OcnaComăneştiOneşti
DN12B Târgu OcnaSlănic Moldova
DN12C GheorgheniLacu RoşuBicaz
DN13A Târgu MureşPraidSovataMiercurea-Ciuc
DN13B GheorgheniPraid
DN14 SighişoaraDumbrăveniMediaşCopşa MicăSibiu
DN14A Târgu MureşIernutTârnăveniMediaş
DN14B Alba IuliaBlajCopşa Mică
DN15 BacăuPiatra NeamţBicazPoiana TeiuluiBorsecTopliţaReghinTârgu MureşLuduşCâmpia TurziiTurda
DN15A Târgu MureşReghinBistriţa-Năsăud
DN15B Poiana LarguluiTârgu NeamţCristeşti
DN15C Piatra NeamţBălţăteştiTârgu NeamţFălticeni
DN15D Piatra NeamţGirovRomanVaslui
DN15E Târgu MureşSatu Nou
DN16 Cluj-NapocaApahidaReghin
DN17A Câmpulung MoldovenescMoldoviţaRădăuţiSiret
DN17B Vatra DorneiPoiana Largului
DN17C BistriţaNăsăudMoisei
DN17D BecleanNăsăudSângeorz BăiCârlibaba
DN19A Satu MareSupuru de Jos
DN19B NuşfalăuMarghitaSăcueni
DN2C BuzăuPogoaneleSlobozia
DN2D FocşaniTulniciTârgu Secuiesc
DN2E FălticeniGura Humorului
DN2F BacăuVaslui
DN2G BacăuMoineştiComăneşti
DN21 BrăilaÎnsurăţeiSloboziaCălăraşi
DN21A BărăganulŢăndărei
DN22A HârşovaNalbantTulcea
DN22B ConstanţaNăvodari
DN22C BasarabiMedgidiaCernavodă
DN22D MăcinHoriaBaia
DN22E GalațiGarvăn
DN23 FocşaniBrăila
DN24A BârladMurgeniBerezeniHuşi
DN24C VânătoriŞtefăneştiRădăuţi Prut
DN25 TecuciLieşti
DN26 MurgeniMăstăcaniGalaţi
DN29 SuceavaBotoşaniSăveniManoleasa
DN29A SuceavaVârfu CâmpuluiDorohoiDarabaniRădăuţi Prut
DN29B BotoşaniDorohoi
DN29C CucorăniVârfu CâmpuluiSiret
DN29D BotoşaniTruşeştiStânca –> Moldova
DN3A Lehliu GarăFeteşti
DN3B CălăraşiFeteştiHârşova
DN31 CălăraşiOlteniţa
DN38 ConstanţaNegru Vodă –> Bulgaria
DN39 ConstanţaMangaliaVama Veche –> Bulgaria Four-lane road.
DN41 OlteniţaGiurgiu
DN5B GiurgiuGhimpaţi
DN5C GiurgiuZimnicea
DN51 AlexandriaZimnicea
DN51A ZimniceaTurnu Măgurele
DN52 AlexandriaTurnu Măgurele
DN54 CaracalCorabiaTurnu Măgurele
DN54A CorabiaBechet
DN55 CraiovaBechet
DN55A BechetCalafat
DN56 CraiovaCalafat –> Bulgaria
DN56A MaglavitVânju MareDrobeta-Turnu Severin
DN57 OrşovaMoldova NouăOraviţaMoraviţa
DN57A Moldova VecheBaziaş –> Serbia
DN57B BozoviciAninaOraviţa
DN58 CaransebeşReşiţaAnina
DN58A SoceniLugoj
DN58B VoitegBocşaReşiţa
DN59 TimişoaraVoitegMoraviţa –> Serbia
DN59A TimişoaraJimbolia
DN59B CărpinişCruceniDeta
DN59C JimboliaSânnicolau Mare
DN61 GhimpaţiCrevedia MareGăeşti
DN64 CaracalDrăgăşaniRâmnicu Vâlcea Partially four-lane road.
DN64A Râmnicu VâlceaBăile Olăneşti
DN65 PiteştiSlatinaCraiova
DN65A PiteştiCosteştiRoşiorii de VedeTurnu Măgurele
DN65C CraiovaRusăneşti
DN66A PetroşaniLupeniCâmpu lui Neag
DN67 Drobeta-Turnu SeverinMotruTârgu JiuHorezuRâmnicu Vâlcea
DN67A StrehaiaMotru
DN67B ScoarţaTârgu CărbuneştiRusăneştiDrăgăşaniPiteşti
DN67C RO Roadsign 67C.svg SebeşObârşia LotruluiNovaciCiocadia Also known as the Transalpina.
DN67D Băile HerculaneBaia de AramăTârgu Jiu
DN68 CaransebeşOţelu RoşuSubcetate
DN68A LugojFăgetSăcămaş
DN68B DevaHunedoara
DN7A BrezoiVoineasaPetroşani
RO Roadsign 7C.svg
Arpaşu de JosBâlea LakeCurtea de ArgeşPiteşti Also known as the Transfăgărăşan.
DN71 TărtăşeştiTârgoviştePucioasaSinaia
DN72 GăeştiTârgoviştePloieşti
DN72A TârgovişteCâmpulung
DN73 BraşovRâşnovRucărCâmpulungPiteşti
DN73A PredealRâşnovZărneştiŞercaia
DN73C CâmpulungCurtea de ArgeşRâmnicu Vâlcea
DN74 BradAbrudZlatnaAlba Iulia
DN74A CâmpeniAbrud
DN75 TurdaBaia de ArieşCâmpeniŞtei
DN79A VârfurileIneuChişineu CrişVărşand –> Hungary

County and communal roads[edit]

In 2009, a total of 35,048 kilometres (21,778 mi) of county roads (of which 24,100 km paved and 10,948 km gravel roads) and 30,162 kilometres (18,742 mi) of communal roads (of which 6,043 km paved and 24,119 km gravel roads) existed in Romania.[12]