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Seto Agriculture Park, a Roadside Station in Ikata, Ehime
Roadside Station Seiryunosato Hijikawa (道の駅 清流の里ひじかわ) in Ehime
Roadside Station in Yamakita, Kanagawa

A Roadside Station (道の駅 Michi no eki?) is a government-designated rest area found along roads and highways in Japan.

In addition to providing places for travelers to rest, they are intended to promote local tourism and trade. Shops may sell local produce, snacks, souvenirs, and other goods. All Roadside Stations provide 24-hour access to parking, restrooms and facilities for sharing information.

As of April 4, 2014 there are 1030 Roadside Stations across Japan,[1] including 114 in Hokkaido.[2]


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