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A vintage Roadway truck
A Roadway Express truck on a rail car

Roadway Services was a transportation holding company located in Akron, Ohio, which owned several trucking companies, including Roadway Express (now YRC Worldwide), Roadway Global Air, Viking Freight, Central Freight Lines, Spartan Express and Coles Express. They also owned Roadway Package System (now FedEx Ground), Roberts Express and Roadway Logistics.

Roadway Express was spun off as a debt-free company by itself.[citation needed] Since they had the legal rights to the Roadway name, the companies left in the holding company changed the name to Caliber Systems.[citation needed] Roadway Global Air was shuttered and what was left of it was sold to BAX Global. After the Roadway spinoff, management attempted to put the four regional LTL companies together as a nationwide company, which failed miserably.[citation needed] Coles and Spartan were shut down, Central was sold back to its original owners, and Viking—the only profitable company—continued service in their regional area.

In 1998 Federal Express acquired Caliber Systems.[citation needed] In the fall of 1999, RPS was renamed FedEx Ground, and Roberts Express became FedEx Custom Critical. Also part of the Caliber acquisition Viking Freight continued to operate as a West Coast LTL carrier. In 2001 FedEx Corporation acquired American Freightways Corp, an Eastern and Central LTL carrier. In 2002 both companies were combined to create FedEx Freight. In 2006, Watkins Motor Lines was acquired and added to the FedEx Freight brand.

Roadway Express was later acquired in 2003 by Yellow Freight,[1] operated as a separate company for a few years,[timeframe?] then merged into the company now known as YRC. At no time was Roadway Express owned by FedEx.[citation needed]


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