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Roan may refer to:


  • Roan (color), a type of animal coat color that shows intermixed white and darker-colored hairs
  • Roan (horse), a horse coat color pattern
  • Varnish roan, a leopard-complex horse coat color that looks similar to roan
  • Roan antelope, an African savanna antelope
  • Roan Allen (1904–1930), one of the founding sires of the Tennessee Walking Horse


  • Roan (name), a personal name and surname
  • Charles H. Roan (1923—1944), a United States Marine
  • Dan Roan (born 1976), a sports editor for BBC News
  • John Roan, a landowner in Greenwich, London who left his estate for the founding of the John Roan School
  • John Roan (bishop) (died 1692), a Church of Ireland Bishop of Killaloe
  • Michael Roan (born 1972), a former professional American football tight end
  • Oscar Roan (born 1951), a former American football tight end
  • Roan Carneiro, a Brazilian professional mixed martial artist
  • Roan Ching-yueh (born 1958), a Taiwanese architect, writer, curator and an Associate Professor of Department of Art Creativity




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