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The Roanoke-Hatteras Indian Tribe are descendants of the Hatteras, Roanoke, and other Algonkian speaking Indians who occupied Hatteras and Roanoke Islands, the Outer Banks, and the mainland of Hyde and Dare Counties.[citation needed] The community is primarily located near Manteo, North Carolina.[citation needed]

The Roanoke-Hatteras Indian Tribe has an enrollment of about 150 people.[citation needed] Their ancestral Algonkian language has been extinct for many years. The Hatteras Indians had lands confirmed to them in 1759 by Governor Arthur Dobbs. The 200 acres were located near present-day Frisco, North Carolina. After the demise of tribal lands, there remained on Hatteras and Roanoke Islands,the Outer Banks, and the mainlands of Hyde and Dare Counties, individual Indians and family groups of Indians. The Roanoke-Hatteras Indians have continuously occupied these areas since pre European contact to the present.

In 2003, the descendants of the Roanoke, Hatteras, Mattamuskeet/Machapunga Indians organized and chartered the Algonquian Indians of North Carolina, Inc. This organization serves as a "council" for both communities. However, each community maintains its own tribal role.


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