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The following lists the organization of the Union and Confederate forces engaged at the Battle of Roanoke Island, during the American Civil War in 1862.[1]


Union Army[edit]

Coast Division (Brig. Gen. Ambrose E. Burnside)

First Brigade (Brig. Gen. John G. Foster) K-19 W-113 M-0 =132
10th Connecticut - Col Charles L. Russell
23rd Massachusetts - Col John Krutz
24th Massachusetts - Col Thomas G. Stevenson
25th Massachusetts - Col Edwin M. Upton
27th Massachusetts - Col Horace C. Lee
Second Brigade (Brig. Gen. Jesse L. Reno) K-15 W-79 M-13 =107
21st Massachusetts - Ltc Alberto R. Maggi
9th New Jersey - Ltc Charles A. Heckman
51st New York - Col Edward Ferrero
51st Pennsylvania - Col John F. Hartranft
Third Brigade (Brig. Gen. John G. Parke) K-0 W-17 M-0 =17
8th Connecticut - Col Edward Harland
11th Connecticut - Col Henry W. Kingsbury (regiment not engaged)
9th New York - Col Rush C. Hawkins
4th Rhode Island - Col Isaac P. Rodman
5th Rhode Island, detachment - Maj John Wright
Unassigned units:
1st New York Marine Artillery (detachment) - Col William A. Howard
99th New York (Union Coast Guard) - Lt Charles W. Tillotson
Army gunboats:

Union Navy[edit]

North Atlantic Blockading Squadron (Flag Officer Louis M. Goldsborough)

Image Ship Name Commanding Officer Notes
USS Philadelphia USS Philadelphia Squadron Flagship, "being unfit for the purpose took no part in the engagement"[2]
USS Southfield USS Southfield Acting Volunteer Lieutenant C. F. W. Behm[2] Flag Officer Goldsborough embarked[2]
USS Delaware USS Delaware Lieutenant S. P. Quackenbush[2] Commander S. C. Rowan, division commander[2]
USS Stars and Stripes Lieutenant Reed Werden[3]
USS Louisiana USS Louisiana Lieutenant A. Murray[3]
USS Hetzel USS Hetzel Lieutenant H. K. Davenport[3]
USS Underwriter Lieutenant W. N. Jeffers[3]
USS Commodore Perry USS Commodore Perry Lieutenant C. W. Flusser[3]
USS Valley City Lieutenant J. C. Chaplin[3]
USS Commodore Barney USS Commodore Barney Acting Volunteer Lieutenant R. T. Renshaw[3]
USS Hunchback USS Hunchback Acting Volunteer Lieutenant E. R. Colhoun[3]
USS Morse Acting Master Peter Hayes[2]
USS Whitehead Acting Master Charles French[2]
USS John L. Lockwood Acting Master G. W. Graves[2]
USS Henry Brinker Acting Master John E. Giddings[2]
USS Isaac N. Seymour Acting Master F. S. Wells[2]
USS Ceres USS Ceres Acting Master John McDiarmid[2]
USS Satellite USS General Putnam Acting Master W. J. Hotchkiss[2]
USS Shawsheen Acting Master T. G. Woodward[2]
USS Granite Acting Master's Mate E. Boomer[2]


Confederate Army[edit]

Dist. of Roanoke — Brig. Gen. Henry A. Wise (not present in battle; ill)

Col. Henry M. Shaw, second in command
2nd North Carolina
8th North Carolina
17th North Carolina (3 companies)
31st North Carolina
46th Virginia
59th Virginia

(The Virginia regiments were part of the Wise Legion)

Confederate Navy[edit]

"Mosquito Fleet" (Flag Officer William F. Lynch)

Sea-Bird (flagship)
Curlew (sunk)
Appomattox (not at Battle of Roanoke Island)
Black Warrior (schooner)


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