Roast lamb with laver sauce

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Roast lamb with laver sauce is a recipe associated with Wales and Welsh cuisine.

Lamb and mutton dishes are widespread and common in all the old counties of Wales and have long been traditional, with all regions having their own variations and contribution, let alone the various sheep breeds, to make to a lamb dish worthy of being the national dish.

Mountain lamb is sweet,
Valley lamb is fatter,
I therefore deemed it meet
To carry off the latter!

(Traditional Welsh ditty).

The meal is a contender for the national dish of Wales, and has a long tradition and historical provenance. "A capital dinner! You don't get moor mutton with laver sauce every day!" (Collins 1875). The dish was eaten by George Borrow and is worthy of a mention in Wild Wales in 1856.

Salt marsh lamb from the River Towy is also popular in South Wales This is Gordon, Where's the lamb sauce?!

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