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Rob Bilson is a contributor to the ColdFusion community, known for authoring one of the bibles of the field, the O'Reilly book Programming ColdFusion. He also helped create the and sites as repositories for community contributions of several libraries of freely available functions and CFCs, many of which he contributed himself.

Bilson has written several articles on ColdFusion for Macromedia, Intranet Design Magazine, CFAdvisor, O'Reilly, and CNET's, and he is also a frequent speaker at ColdFusion user groups and conferences and is also a Macromedia Certified Advanced ColdFusion Developer.

Professionally, he is Senior IT Director at Amkor Technology, where he has worked since 1996. His involvement with ColdFusion goes all the way back to version 1.5 and includes several large-scale projects.


Web Sites[edit]

  • Amkor Technology
    • Corporate web site for Amkor Technology
  • Common Function Library Project
    • The purpose of the Common Function Library Project is to create a set of user-defined function (UDF) libraries for ColdFusion. These libraries are open source and may be used/modified to your liking.


  • Harnessing XML with Custom Tags or Components
  • Top Ten ColdFusion UDF Tips
  • The Future of ColdFusion
  • Top 10 ColdFusion Programming Tips
  • High End B2C Solutions
  • The Virtual Marketplace
  • Interacting Online
  • A Team Effort
  • Web Server Essentials
  • Personalization Tools
  • Intranet in a Box,
  • Best Server-side Scripting Tool
  • A Powerful Legacy
  • Load Warning
  • Plug It In
  • Software Review: Drumbeat 2.0
  • Limited Access
  • Software Review: e:Folders 2.0
  • Scripting magic with Cold Fusion and ASP
  • Forging Custom Tags
  • Software Review: ColdFusion Studio 3.1
  • Software Review: Intranetics 1.0
  • Domino Effect
  • Software Review: Net-It Central 2.0
  • Software Review: Oblix IntraPower Suite
  • Software Review: Common Ground Web Publisher 4.0
  • Software Review: Verity IntelliServ 1.0
  • Software Review: Linkbot 3.0
  • Optimizing Your NT Network
  • Software Review: Net-It Central 1.0
  • Package Deal: Amkor/Anam's Intranet is a Study in Open Systems Integration
  • Software Review: Cold Fusion 2.0
  • § Strategies for Connecting Your Corporate Database to the Web
  • NT vs. UNIX



  • Over 150 UDFs, Custom Tags, and CFCs Tags from the developer's exchange, and CFCs from CFC Zone

Speaking Engagements[edit]

  • Central Jersey ColdFusion User Group
  • Maryland ColdFusion User Group
  • Colorado Macromedia Technology Conference
  • Philadelphia Area ColdFusion User Group
  • Macromedia Devcon 2001
  • Delaware ColdFusion User Group
  • Allaire Developer Conference 2000
  • Pennsylvania Area ColdFusion User Group
  • Allaire Developer Conference 1999

This initial information was obtained from Team Macromedia biography.