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Rob Burgess is a Canadian businessman in the computing industry.

Early Life and Education[edit]

Burgess graduated from McMaster University with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1979.[1]


Burgess has worked in key executive posts at Silicon Graphics, and as CEO of Alias Research.[2] From 1996, Rob Burgess was CEO of Macromedia until 2005.[3] He served as Board Chairman 1998-2005 a position he held when the company was acquired by Adobe Systems for $3.4 billion in a transaction which closed on December 5, 2005.[4]

Under Burgess' tenure, he led the company's transformation from a CD-ROM based multimedia company to a prominent market position in web authoring and development solutions. While he was chairman and CEO, the vector animation product Flash become a pervasive multimedia platform, available on 98% of browsers worldwide.[5]

Rob Burgess currently sits on the Board of Directors of Real Matters Inc.,[6] a Canadian Technology Company that focuses on real estate data and valuations.