Rob Burton

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Rob Burton
Rob Burton.png
45th Mayor of Oakville
Assumed office
Preceded by Ann Mulvale
Personal details
Spouse(s) Wendy Burton
Residence Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Alma mater Columbia University

Rob Burton is a Canadian businessman, journalist and politician. He currently serves as the mayor of Oakville, Ontario, in Canada. He was elected in the municipal elections of 2006,[1] having failed to unseat Ann Mulvale in 2003.[2] He was re-elected to office in the 2010[3] and 2014 municipal elections.[4]

In a 2014 endorsement of his re-election campaign, the Toronto Star editorial board called Burton "among the best mayors in the Greater Toronto Area."[5]

In August 2015, Burton made and then apologized for a series of tweets that compared Harper's use of ex-veterans in the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires to Mussolini's Blackshirts and Hitler's Brownshirts.[6]

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