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Rob Douglas
BornJune 16, 1971
Boston, MA, USA
OccupationProfessional Sailor

Robert "Rob" Douglas (born 1971) is an American professional sailor known for using a kiteboard in speed records attempts. In 2008 Douglas broke the world speed sailing record on a kiteboard, hitting a top speed of 49.84 knots. Douglas again became the holder of the speed record in October 2010 when he was clocked at 55.65 knots.


Early years[edit]

Rob Douglas was born June 16, 1971 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA to a family which operated a sailing business.[1]

Speed sailing record holder[edit]

In 2008, Douglas became the first person to set an outright world speed sailing record aboard a kite board, hitting a speed of 49.84 nautical miles per hour.[1] This record proved to be short-lived, however, as another kiteboarder soon broke Douglas's mark, topping the 50 knot sailing barrier for the first time.[1] Later in 2010 Douglas set three new American speed sailing records, being clocked at top speeds of 50.95, 51.88, and 52.58 knots.[1]

Another new speed record was set by on October 28, 2010, at the Lüderitz Speed Challenge in Namibia. On that date, in perfect conditions, Douglas was one of five kiteboarders to top the previous record held by a trimaran named L'Hydroptère.[1] Douglas was the fastest of the fivesome on that day, setting a new world mark of 55.65 knots (103.1 kilometres per hour).[1] Douglas used a Cabrinha Switchblade kite and a custom speed board.

Douglas's record setting prowess led to him be nominated by the International Sailing Federation for its 2011 ISAF World Sailor of the Year Awards.[1]

In 2012, Douglas won the International Kitesurfing Association Speed World Championships in Salin Du Giraud France.

In 2016, Rob defended his 2012 world speed title by winning the 2017 International Kitesurfing Association Speed World Championships in Martha's Vineyard USA.[2]


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