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Rob Fulop is a game programmer who created two of the Atari 2600's biggest hits: the port of arcade game Missile Command for Atari and 1982's Demon Attack for Imagic, a company he co-founded. He also wrote Cosmic Ark for Imagic. While at Atari, Fulop ported Night Driver to the 2600 and Space Invaders to the Atari 8-bit family.

Fulop later co-founded PF Magic and designed the controversial game Night Trap. Embarrassed by the Night Trap controversy, Fulop vowed that his next game would be the cutest interactive game ever made, thus the interactive digital pet was born. Dogz established a new category of gaming software,[citation needed] followed by Catz and Oddballz. PF Magic was acquired by Mattel in 2000. Ubisoft later acquired the Petz brand and as of 2013 is still releasing new versions

In 2015 Rob Fulop joined the indie rock band Bourbon Therapy, based out of Oakland, CA, as the pianist/keyboardist. Bourbon Therapy released their second album, Hymnals and Hangovers, featuring Fulop on piano and keyboard, on September 9th, 2016.[citation needed]

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