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Rob Hawke is a Canadian comedic and dramatic actor, as well as a Gemini Award-nominated writer.[1][2] He has performed his one man show “Norm versus Cancer: A Terminally Funny One Man Show"[3][4][5][6][7] which is based on his personal experience of surviving thyroid cancer, to international acclaim. Robert Hawke is an alumnus of The Second City,[8] performing across Canada and internationally in the Second City National Touring Company.

In addition, he was a 2011 Canadian Comedy Award Nominee for his work on "Norm Vs Cancer: A Terminally Funny One Man Show",[9] and has shared in a Canadian Comedy Award for the fully improvised musical Showstopping Number.[10][11] Rob shared in a Gemini nomination for his work on SketchCom for CBC,[12][13] as well as a was a co-recipient of the Tim Sims Encouragement Fund Award. Rob is also a member of the musical comedy duo, Fast and Dirty.[14][15][16]

Robert Hawke has written two books to date: "Kicking Cancer's Ass: A Light-Hearted Guide to the Fight of Your Life" and "Vampire Dogs: The Rise of Thrasher".[17]

KICKING CANCER'S ASS: A LIGHT-HEARTED GUIDE TO THE FIGHT OF YOUR LIFE This book was published in July 2011. The author states that he has "written it for anyone going through cancer". Robert Hawke draws on his experiences a thyroid cancer survivor, caregiver and advocate, as well as his background in comedy to deliver a helpful and humorous guide to getting through cancer.[18]

VAMPIRE DOGS: THE RISE OF THRASHER Mr. Hawke's first foray into fiction writing brings the adventure of a little 4 pound Yorkshire Terrier, and his sidekick, Kong. The book is well-reviewed on and is available on paperback and ebook versions.[19]


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