Rob Herring

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Rob Herring is an English former professional motocross racer and current film industry stuntman.[1]

Herring began his racing career in South Africa after his father emigrated there from the United Kingdom.[1][2] He returned to the U.K. at the age of 17 and won 11 British motocross national championships.[1] He also competed in the F.I.M. motocross world championship. He competed in the 250 world championship from 1987 to 1998, winning 3 GPs and 9 motos, did the 500cc championship in 1999. Herring was a member of the victorious 1994 British Motocross des Nations team that included Paul Malin and Kurt Nicoll.[3] The upset victory marked the first time a British team had won the event since 1967 and, broke a 13-year American winning streak at the Motocross des Nations.[3] as well as finished 2nd in 1986 mx des nations and 3rd in 1992.

After his competitive career, Herring worked as a stuntman in the film industry, working in films such as Casino Royale, the Bourne Ultimatum, the Quantum of Solace.[1] Herring also was the manager for the British Motocross des Nations team for seven years before resigning in 2007.[4]


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