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Rob Lord (born in 1966 in Coventry, England)[1][2] is a London-based musician and composer who toured and recorded for a number of groups playing keyboards and guitar for The Primitives, Dodgy, The Conells, Voice of the Beehive, and Grace, who Rob wrote the song "You're Not Mine" for and toured with Michael Jackson.[3] Rob also had his own bands Starpower and Vagabond Joy signed to EMI and Rough Trade.

In 2004 Rob composed the score to Slipstream, his first Hollywood feature. Recently Rob has scored the horror features Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes and Pumpkinhead: Blood Feud. In 2006 Rob composed the full score to Dinosapien, a children's drama series.

He also has a history of composing for video games including Wipeout, Toca Race Driver, Discworld 1 and 2 along with Discworld Noir, Just Cause and Fuzion Frenzy. He releases his own Krautrock influenced music under the name Ausgang as well as contributing to a number of Mute Records compilations.

His song "Down down down" is featured in the Fremont Street Experience show "Ophelia's Dream" in Las Vegas, and it was also used in the season 6 promo trailer for Robot Chicken on Adult Swim.

Since 2017, Lord has been the composer for Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed! alongside Graham Kearns.


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