Rob Marcello

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Robert Marcello
Rob Marcello 2014.jpg
Robert Marcello performing at the 2014 Sweden Rock Festival
Background information
Born (1977-09-09) September 9, 1977 (age 39)
Genres Heavy metal, glam metal, hard rock, neo-classical
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Guitar
Associated acts Danger Danger Shotgun Messiah

Robert Marcello (born September 9, 1977, Sweden) is a neo-classical metal, rock and jazz/fusion guitar player who replaced Andy Timmons as the lead guitarist of the band Danger Danger in 2003.

He has also played in the bands Ironhorse, Obsession, Twenty 4 Seven, and Marcello-Vestry.[1] In late 2009 he was also a stand-in guitarist in the 1980s band House of Lords.

Rob plays Caparison Guitars and is sponsored by Boss Corporation, he is featured as the guitarist for many of their pedal demonstration videos.


With Iron Horse[edit]

  • Iron Horse (2001)

With Twenty 4 Seven[edit]

  • Destination Everywhere (2002)

With Danger Danger[edit]

With Marcello-Vestry[edit]

  • Marcello-Vestry (2008)

With Laney's Legion[edit]

  • Laney's Legion (2014)

With Shotgun[edit]

  • Live at decadencia drive (2016) (Shotgun Messiah's first record played almost entirely live with half the original band)

With The Defiants[edit]

  • Self titled (2016)- With Bruno Ravel and Paul Laine.


"Caparison guitars Rob Marcello".