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Robert "Rob" Redding Jr.
Redding photo by Stephen Laskowski
Redding photo by Stephen Laskowski
BornRobert Redding, Jr.
Jan. 13, 1976 (1976-01-13) (age 39)
Atlanta (Georgia, USA)
Pen nameRob Redding
  • Chairman and CEO of Redding Communications, Inc.
  • Editor, Publisher and Host of Redding News Review
Alma materMarshall University and University of Louisiana
GenreMedia, music and art
Literary movementIndependent
Notable worksCreated Redding News Review, Author of Why Black Lives Matter, Not a Nonviolent Negro, Disrupter, Where's the Change?, Resurrection and Resolution of Risk. And recorded Not a Nonviolent Negro and Unleash the Whip! albums
Notable awards100 Most Important Talk Show Hosts in America, Associated Press award, gold ADDY award
Years active1994–present
SpouseLaWanda Hunt (1999 to 2005, div.)
ChildrenRachel Redding (stepdaughter)

Robert "Rob" Redding, Jr. (born January 13, 1976) is an American artist. His practice spans a broad range of media including sound, performance, conceptual, language and visual. He is a professor, media proprietor, award-winning radio talk show host, bestselling author and independent journalist. [1] Redding is known as the founder and publisher of Redding News Review and host of a talk radio show and podcast. In 2003, he was among few blacks to be named to Talkers Magazine's "100 Most Important Radio Talk Show Hosts in America" and has received a proclamation for his work by the Atlanta City Council the same year.[2] He made history being the only black program director in white-dominated talk radio station in 2009.[3] His web site Redding News Review has earned three consecutive Black Web Awards.[4] He currently runs the web's oldest black news aggregation outlet and first and most successful stand-alone subscriber-based web site and talk show.[5]


Redding is the son of Rev. Robert Redding Sr., a former Atlanta pastor and former president of the Fayette County's Black Voters League, and the late Mary Ann Redding, who was an Atlanta public school teacher and a Fayette school board candidate.[6]

He gained his artistic ability from his mother Mary - who was part eastern European Jewish, black, white and Asian - and his abilities to communicate effectively from his mother and father - who is part black, white and Polynesian.[7] And credits his oldest sister Keena for taking him to many of his early art shows and childhood teacher for her influence.[8]

His formal training is in media. He graduated from Marshall University in West Virginia with a Master's in Communication and is known for his work in sound.[9]


He began his performative media career as a hip-hop radio personality at KZWA-FM, while at McNeese State University in Lake Charles in 1994.[9]

In 1996, he accepted a full-time position as a hip-hop night personality at WIBB-FM in Macon, GA, where he was named "Tony Smoove" by his program director. Macon was also the home of another Redding family member, '60s soul singer Otis Redding.[9]

He left hip-hop for talk radio and journalism, working at a series of newspapers: The Prince George's Sentinel, The Prince George's Gazette, The Prince George's Journal, The Macon Telegraph, and finally The Washington Times. During that same time he began his talk radio career filling in for Bernie McCain on Radio-One's WOL in Washington, D.C. in 1999. In 2001, he landed his first full-time job in talk radio doing afternoons at CBS Radio's WAOK-AM, where he started He left the station in 2003 and began syndicating his talk radio show while filling in for Ambrose I. Lane Sr. on SiriusXM 128 The Power.[9]

He later inked his own weekend syndication deals with GCN and Sirius XM in 2008, while finishing his undergraduate studies at the University of Louisiana-Monroe.[10][11]

On August 30, 2010, he began doing a weekday show for GCN, while still doing the Sunday show. The weekday show aired in multiple markets and at one time on Sirius XM daily from April 2012 to February 2013. The Sirius XM deal ended after nearly half a decade and more than 420 episodes on Feb. 10, 2013.[12][13]

Redding moved to Brussels Belgium in 2013. Living in Brussels communities of Saint-Gilles, Belgium and then Schaerbeek, he became first to broadcast his afternoon talk show via GCN to American audiences nightly from Europe.[14]

Redding made talk history when he made his program the first ever and most successful stand-alone spoken word program available exclusively to subscribers on his subscriber-supported Web site, at the conclusion of the GCN deal on April 1, 2014.[15] The program celebrated its 1000 episode in June of 2018. [16][17] [18] Radio online said that the show has an "impressive base" of nearly half the country listening as it completed its 1000 show. [19]

Redding has also used numerous conceptual elements of sound in his talk shows and inserted his performance into popular culture through music.

  • “Not a Nonviolent Negro”(Amazon/CD Baby/Crystal Castle, 2013)

On March 5, 2013, he released a performative dance album entitled "Not a Nonviolent Negro" on iTunes and via CD Baby. The album, which takes sound of himself, callers and clips of his talk show and sets them to heavy dance beats, reached No. 1 on The album is considered a soundtrack to his No. 1 best-selling book "Not a Nonviolent Negro: How I Survived Obama." The book and album were released on the same day.[20]

  • “Unleash the Whip”(Amazon/CD Baby/Crystal Castle, 2012)

On Dec. 4, 2012, he released a performative dance album entitled "Unleash the Whip!" on iTunes and via CD Baby. The album, which also takes portions of his talk show and sets them to heavy dance beats, reached No. 2 on and got 3 1/2 stars from former dance music critic Jimi Bruce.[21]

  • “Tony Smoove's Aircheck Vol. 1”(Crystal Castle, 1998)

Unleash the Whip! was his second album. His first album, published under DJ Tony Smoove, did not chart but was the first recording of rapper Bubba Sparxx.[22]


Title Album details Peak chart positions
Not a Nonviolent Negro 1
Unleash the Whip! 2
Tony Smoove's Aircheck Volume 1
  • Released: 1998
  • Label: Crystal Castle/Rude Records
  • Format: CD

Language Arts and Sound Significance[edit]

Redding's Web site and talk show, which are both called Redding News Review, are avant-garde creations.[24] The Web site has been called the "vanguard of Internet news sites" by[24]The Web site has been called "an Internet clearinghouse for African-American news," by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.[25]

The Web site - which is the first subscriber supported and oldest black news aggregation portal - stories are syndicated hourly by Google News. Its stories have been heard regularly on NPR and the Fox News Channel. Its comprehensive coverage of the black community became a resource for Fox News during the Don Imus' "nappy-headed ho's" controversy. Its scoops have also been acknowledged or linked to by BET, MSNBC, The Hill, Roll Call, The Baltimore Sun, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Washington Post,The Washington Times, and The National Newspaper Association.[26]

Redding News Review exposed former Atlanta Mayor and United Nations Ambassador Andrew Young's comments about Sen. Barack Obama not being ready to be president.[25]

The Web site exposed that syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts was being threatened by a white supremacist group.[26]

The Web site exposed NBC Nightly News Managing Editor and Anchor Brian Williams comments about diversity not being a big issue. Both Williams and NBC apologized for those comments.[26]

On the radio talk show Redding, who refers to himself as "America's Independent Voice", has been called "The voice of the voiceless" and "the prophet of rage" by his listeners.[26]

Redding News Review has been the most listened to black independent talk show host in the United States of America – heard six days a week for nearly half decade and more than 420 episodes in all 50 states via Sirius XM Satellite Radio and on numerous radio stations for more than 6 years and 3,600 hours via his former network deal with Genesis Communications Network.[26][27]

The Redding New Review radio show host Rob Redding was named one of the "100 most important radio talk show hosts in America" by industry trade Talkers magazine.[27]

He has also been called a "rising star" (Talkers magazine), "one of the most respected names in the media" (Upscale magazine), "one of the most intellectual and intriguing radio talk show hosts since Tavis Smiley" (Radio Facts) and awarded a proclamation by the Atlanta City Council for his hard hitting uniquely Independent talk radio show.[28]

On April 1, 2014, Redding's talk show morphed into "Redding News Review Unrestricted" becoming the first ever and most successful stand-alone spoken word program available exclusively on a Web site - via[28] Just four years later, the program celebrated its 1000 episode in June of 2018. [16][17] [18] Radio online said that the show has an "impressive base" of nearly half the country listening as it completed its 1000 show. [19]

In addition to being on the air nationwide, he was once one of the only black program directors of a mainstream conservative talk radio station, KMLB-AM in Monroe, Louisiana.[29]

Best-Selling Language Arts Publications[edit]

In language arts, Redding is author of nine consecutive best-selling books and an e-guide.

  • “Out Loud”(Amazon, 2017)

Redding's most recent book, Out Loud was his tell-all performance and conceptual autobiography. The performative Brook - half audio/broadcast and half book - was released on Oct. 13, 2017 exclusively to his talk show subscribers and to the entire nation on Nov. 6th. The Brook has debuted at No. 2 on " Hot New Releases Gay and Lesbian Biographies and Memoirs." The book matched his most successful books Sinister Citizen and Not a Nonviolent Negro by being ranked in the Top 100 for five straight weeks. The book has been called "shocking" by CBS.[30] The NYC GAYLETTER called the book "juicy" just after Redding pulled it from Amazon in January 2018 and making it only available for a short time on his website [31][32]

  • “Sinister Citizen”(Amazon, 2017)

Redding's book, "Sinister Citizen" is his first fiction book ever. The book, which deals with President Trump's America, has been called "fascinating" by KKXX. The book has reached the Top 30 on " Hot New Releases LGBT Short Reads" and was in the Top 50 in pre-orders on the same list. [33]

  • Why Black Lives Matter: How Borigination explains how to get police and whites to treat blacks like people (Amazon, 2015)

Redding's conceptual book, Why Black Lives Matter: How Borigination explains how to get police and whites to treat blacks like people was officially released on July 6, 2015, but peaked at the top of multiple charts on two days ahead that when it was exclusively released to subscribers of his talk show and website on July 3. The book surged to No. 1 on "Hot New Releases" in "Philosophy and Reference" and "Philosophy and Criticism" categories and rose to No. 2 in "Philosophy and Criticism" and "No. 3 in "Philosophy and Reference" respectively among's Best Sellers lists. This was also the first time Redding has topped the "Hot New Releases" in "Philosophy and Reference" list since his 2012 release of his book "Disrupter." The foreword was pinned by Dr. Lewis R. Gordon, who also wrote a foreword for Redding's book "Resurrection." [34][35]

  • “Unthinkable: Poems, Philosophies and Paintings”(Amazon, 2014)

Redding's conceptual "Unthinkable: Poems, Philosophies and Paintings", released on July 7, 2014, was finished while he lived in Brussels after more than 20 years of writing and painting. "Unthinkable" peaked on July 13, 2014 on Amazon "Hot New Releases" at "No. 4" in "Art and Painting" and "No. 7" in "Reference and Quotations." It also ranked "No. 27" in "Art and Painting" and "No. 47" in "Reference and Quotations" respectively on's Best Sellers lists.The book was provided for free to subscribers of Redding's talk show and website.[36]

  • “Not a Nonviolent Negro: How I Survived Obama”(Amazon, 2013)

Redding's most successful conceptual book, "Not a Nonviolent Negro: How I Survived Obama" debuted at No. 1 on in three categories on March 6, 2013. The book, which was released on March 5, was on No. 1 "Best Sellers List" in "Nationalism" and "Hot New Releases" in the "Social Philosophy" and "Nationalism" categories respectfully. He says it is his most successful book to date. The book also has a soundtrack "Not a Nonviolent Negro" which also went to No. 1 on[20]

  • “Disrupter: Pathway to Political Independence”(Amazon, 2012)

His second best-selling conceptual and performance book was "Disrupter: Pathway to Political Independence". Disrupter debuted at No. 1 on "Hot New Releases" - "Political Reference" list on Aug. 13 2012 and remained there for more than a week. The book is considered a reference guide for independents and includes parts of Redding's life story.[37]

  • “Resurrection: A Historical Anthology of two Forgotten African-American Philosophers”(Amazon, 2012)

His third best-selling book was "Resurrection: A Historical Anthology of two Forgotten African-American Philosophers." The e-book, which was released on April 4, 2012, reached No. 3 on the list of "Hot New Releases" in less than a week.[38]

  • “Where's the Change?: Why Neither Obama, nor the GOP Can Solve America’s Problems”(Amazon, 2012)

Redding's conceptual e-book "Where's the Change?: Why Neither Obama, nor the GOP Can Solve America’s Problems, which was released on Jan. 13, 2012, reached the top 50 on The book quickly has been as high as No. 30 on Amazon's Top 100 books. Redding is also author of Hired Hatred: Why politicians and the political prejudices they tout are mutually exclusive from good government. His Independent manifesto is said to "invoke an activist spirit," according to a review in 2005 by New York's Black Star News.[39]

  • “One a Day Fade Away”(Amazon, 2012)

He is also the author of the “One a Day Fade Away” diet e-guide, which was ranked as high as No. 29 on the “Amazon Best Sellers” listing in April 2012. The guide has been out since 2011 and was his third best-seller in less than 90 days.[40]

Academic Language Arts Publications[edit]

  • “Black Voices, White Power: Members of the black press make meaning of media hegemony”(Journal of Black Studies, 2017)

In winter of 2015, he wrote his thesis “Black Voices, White Power: Members of the black press make meaning of media hegemony” to satisfy his Master's in Communication Studies degree while teaching at Marshall University. He said that the thesis "gives an on the record voice to black employees who toil at white-owned black-focused media about their experiences as it relates to content decisions and beyond.” The thesis was published in the Journal of Black Studies in March 2017.[41][42]

  • “Resolution of Risk”(The Journal of the International Public Debate Association, 2009)

Redding is also author of the "Resolution of Risk," which was first used at the International Public Debate Association's National Tournament after being published in the organization's peer-reviewed publication, "The Journal of the International Public Debate Association," and being presented by Redding before a packed audience.[43]

Visual and Conceptual Art[edit]

Redding is an artist, who paints abstract "smear paintings." His work visual and conceptual has been exhibited in New York, Europe and throughout the states.[44]

Redding has been noted for his "trademark" style upon his arrival in New York City by NY Art Beat.[45]

In the fall of 2018, he held his controversial "BIG BLACK ̶C̶O̶C̶K̶ CANVAS: SIZE matters – in ART!"" solo show at NoHo M55 Gallery. Redding said conceptual "themes of size as it relates to race are so important in the LGBTQ+ and straight communities, just as size and the debate around blackness - in use of color and participation by people of color - are important in the artistic community. This show unapologetically tackles those themes."[46] NYC art critic Per Larson, who in the past has compared Redding's work to James Baldwin and called his art "iconic", agreed saying viewers of his "BIG BLACK ̶C̶O̶C̶K̶ CANVAS: SIZE matters – in ART!" show will be overwhelmed with "technical wizardry to grab his interest, and meander around within the square without time, and without a mind to get in the way. Viewing at last with his gut."... "It's pure Warhol and Maplethorp." [47] [48]

Art Slant wrote that Redding's BBC show "uses paintings 'Up/Circle Jerk', 'fissure' and 'cock' to spur needed dialog about the familiar black male trope." [49] Black Star News wrote of the BBC show: "Constructivist Expressionist painter Redding breaths new life into geometric shape with radical reductive smearing of thrown pain." [50]

In the summer of 2018, he played with conceptual themes when he wrote the introduction, which was edited by fellow artist Nicolette Reim, for the "RISE 2018" art show at NoHo M55 Gallery show. “It means, to emerge — artists in this show are surfacing through political and nonpolitical concepts on canvas, paper, other platforms. ‘Rise’ is the orbiting of the sun or moon. ‘Rise’ is the ocean reclaiming the land each evening or how ash from fire darkens the sky. Or how children grow like corn. Or rents double in Dumbo. President Trump’s political ‘rise’ and the fear or favor people may have with his ascension. ‘Rise’ means to emerge, not always from or for something beautiful. Rise befits attention — always.” [51]

While in Washington, D.C., The Georgetowner highlighted only his art in a group show on Capitol Hill in 2006 writing: "It is always an event anytime Rob Redding's smear paintings are featured." [52]


In May 2011, Redding got into a verbal altercation with talk icon Rush Limbaugh when he asked Michael] Steele, the former chairman of the Republican National Committee, about a skit in which a Limbaugh staffer “reintepreted” his criticism of Pres. Obama’s immigration speech in Ebonics. “I thought it was highly inappropriate,” Steele told Redding. “It is stupid. It’s not something that furthers the conversation.” Limbaugh responded: "In what may be a first, we have a formal complaint lodged against the Official Obama Criticizer, Bo Snerdley. Bo Snerdley was recently utilized on this program last week as the Official Obama Criticizer, and it was as though it had happened for the first time. Now, we’ve been featuring the Official Obama Criticizer for close to a year, if not more on this program, but something about last week’s version of the Official Obama Criticizer has rubbed ‘em wrong out there, particularly your translation for brothers and sisters in the hood. The complaint is that there aren’t any of those listening to the program. Of course, the left and the media are on this kick now that there’s racism everywhere, and really racism and race-baiting has its home on the left. But there’s a show out there called Redding News Review."It’s some guy named Rob Redding and his program is syndicated. Whose isn’t? And Rob Redding interviewed the former chairman of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele. And Redding says, “Okay, Rush Limbaugh is widely thought to be a racist.” No, accused, baselessly so by members of the left when they can’t come up with anything better to criticize me for. But nevertheless, 'Rush Limbaugh is widely thought to be a racist."[53]

On Feb. 6, 2003, Redding's producer Quiana Knox was mysteriously shot at her home in Atlanta Georgia following the show. The murder is still unsolved. On the fifth anniversary of her death he said: "I can't help but think this crime may have been solved by now if Quiana had been white. Let’s look at the facts: Black victims are all too often overlooked by my friends in the media and police departments across America when we are shot, killed or come up missing. We see the priority that is placed on the lives of whites by looking at the cases of Meredith Emerson and many others. It is time to solve Quiana's case and all the other cases where blacks have been repeatedly ignored."[54]

Other work[edit]

In spring of 2012, Stanford University selected him as John S. Knight Journalism Fellowship Semifinalist for his journalism innovation.[55]

November 2009, he founded Black Talkers, a web site which covers the black talk media industry.

The same year, Redding also narrated "Stay Brady Stay," a documentary about the future of Louisiana.[56]


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