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Rob Reynolds is a broadcast journalist, currently working as a Senior Correspondent for Al Jazeera English in Los Angeles.

An Emmy Award-winning journalist, he has over 25 years of international experience, having previously worked for CNN, NBC and CNBC.[1]



Prior to joining Al Jazeera, Reynolds was CNBC's correspondent in Washington, D.C. He reported from the White House, Capitol Hill, and the Supreme Court. He also covered stories overseas: in the fall of 2002 he produced and reported a five-part series on the potential impact of War in Iraq, on location in Egypt, Jordan, and Syria.


Before that, he worked as a CNN correspondent based in London. He reported from Iraq, Jordan and Kuwait, in the run-up to the first Gulf War and during its aftermath. In 1992, his report on "Famine in Africa" was recognized with the award of a Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award.[2]

Al Jazeera English

Reynolds covered the 2008 United States presidential election for Al Jazeera. During the campaign, he made an online election diary[3] and took part in an online discussion about the election on LiveStation.[4] More recently, he was the correspondent for the West Coast of the United States, based in Los Angeles.

In 2013, he traveled overseas, this time exchanging the Mid-East for South Asia, and reported from Bangladesh, based in Dhaka.


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