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Rob Smith is an English DJ, musician and remixer from Essex, England. He is on the Grand Central Records independent record label, playing breakbeat hip-hop, dub and reggae-influenced music, as well as producing dubstep tracks as RSD on a number of labels.

Smith was formerly a Drum & Bass/Jungle DJ, most notably alongside Ray Mighty and Peter D Rose in Smith & Mighty on the !K7 Records label. Smith and Rose also produced music under the moniker of More Rockers.


  • With More Rockers
    • Dub Plate Selection Volume One (1995)
    • Selection 2 (1998)
    • Select Cuts From More Rockers 12" Selection (2001)
  • With Jaz Klash
    • Thru The Haze (1996)
  • With Smith & Mighty
    • Bass Is Maternal (1995)
    • DJ-Kicks: Smith & Mighty (Mar 1998) (DJ mix album)
    • Big World Small World (Jan 2000)
    • Life Is... (Apr 2002)
    • Retrospective (2005)
  • Solo

Discography As RSD[edit]

  • With Punch Drunk
    • Corner Dub (Blue And Red Mix)/Pretty Bright Light

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