Robanov Kot

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Robanov Kot
Robanov Kot is located in Slovenia
Robanov Kot
Robanov Kot
Location in Slovenia
Coordinates: 46°23′50.68″N 14°42′36.52″E / 46.3974111°N 14.7101444°E / 46.3974111; 14.7101444Coordinates: 46°23′50.68″N 14°42′36.52″E / 46.3974111°N 14.7101444°E / 46.3974111; 14.7101444
CountryFlag of Slovenia.svg Slovenia
Traditional regionStyria
Statistical regionSavinja
 • Total27.3 km2 (10.5 sq mi)
591.3 m (1,940.0 ft)
 • Total141

Robanov Kot (pronounced [ɾɔˈbaːnɔu̯ ˈkoːt]) is a dispersed settlement in the Municipality of Solčava in northern Slovenia. Traditionally the area belonged to the region of Styria and is now included in the Savinja Statistical Region.[2]


Robanov Kot lies along the main road from Luče to Solčava, which follows the Savinja River. Hamlets and farmsteads in the settlement include Gašpirc, Haudej, Opresnik, Račnik, Roban, Rogovilc, Suhadolnik, and Tolstovršnik.[3] The territory of the settlement extends southwest along the Roban Cirque (Slovene: Robanov kot), reaching its highest elevation at Mount Ojstrica (2,350 meters or 7,710 feet), and northeast along the slope of Big Mount Raduha (Slovene: Velika Raduha; 2,062 meters or 6,765 feet).


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